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Three Reasons to be Cheerful: The Best Coronavirus Based Campaigns

So, don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 2020 has taken a real dive lately. Like, it’s REALLY hit a speed bump. A big ol’ coronavirus shaped bump.

People are scared, the media has gone haywire, and clicking onto any sort of social media is basically akin to pressing a giant button that says “please scare the sh*t out of me”. 

But, despite the MADNESS, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the tragedy amidst the human population. Why? Well, it’s because we are, quite surprisingly, a funny, generous and loving bunch, and we never shine brighter than when there’s a dark cloud hanging over all of us. 

It’s in our nature to be kind and to help others. Well, it’s in our nature to help immediately AFTER panic buying all the pasta, toilet roll, and hobnobs that you can get your thoroughly scrubbed, thieving little hands on, but STILL. The kindness of the average human will never fail to astound me. 

The same can be said for brands. For what are brands really, but groups of people under one singular banner? Brands can be incredible beacons of hope and generosity in times of crisis, and there are certainly some who have already risen to the challenge. 

We thought that we would honour these brands with a special shoutout, a LITTLE nod in their direction to say we see you, we all see you, you’re a top brand, mate. 

As such here are our three top brand reactions to coronavirus SO FAR. Oh and, brava brands, brava. 

Pret a Manger 

Pret a Manger announced the other week that they would give NHS staff free hot drinks, as well as a 50% discount on all other products, as recognition of the hard work and sacrifice being made by all NHS workers during the crisis.

The company announcement read “Thank you for everything you are doing… With love, everyone at Pret.

No no Pret – THANK YOU!

Of course, with restaurants, cafés and other non-essential businesses ceasing service, this offer is slightly null and void at this point, but still… It’s the thought that counts! 

Since Pret made this announcement, many other cafes and restaurants have followed suit, which while very positive, raises the question of shouldn’t we be treating our NHS workers with this sort of respect every single day, not just when a crisis hits?


Image: Daily Record


Another brand keen to show their support during the coronavirus pandemic is BrewDog. Famed for their craft beers and saucy devil-may-care attitude, it seems only right that BrewDog would don a bit of shining armour and step up to the plate. 

Naturally, they chose the manufacturing of hand sanitiser as their contribution to tackling the crisis. From one alcoholic liquid to another, just maybe don’t drink this one. 

The firm has dubbed their creation “punk sanitiser” and will be giving it away for free to those that most need it. Founder, James Watt commented that “We are determined to do everything we can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe,” as well as saying that they were “working around the clock on producing the first batch.”

We’ll drink/sanitise to that! 

Brew Dog

Image: The Guardian


We know, we know. This seems like a bit of a boring one. God knows we’re all sick of the thought of supermarkets. When you go, they’re empty, and when they’re not, there’s always some deranged couple sprinting wildly about, grabbing at anything tinned. I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe you, Nigel, 10 Fraybentos pies and a cart full of triple-quilt is definitely NOT on your usual weekly shopping list.

Regardless, the supermarkets have all taken notice and have started putting policies in place that both protect the vulnerable and prevent the crazy preppers from clearing the stores.

One that shines, in particular, is Sainsbury’s. 

Last week they announced that the first hour of shopping on Thursday was reserved for the elderly and the vulnerable, as well as giving those over 70 and those with disabilities priority access to online delivery slots. 

They are also expanding their “click and collect” service, as well as closing their cafes, fish, meat and pizza counters to free up capacity for products that serve a more pressing need to consumers. 

This sort of thoughtful and comprehensive response is exactly what is needed from supermarkets at such a time. As such, we think that Sainsbury’s more than deserves a place on our list.


Image: ITV News

Well, it’s not all bad now, is it? 

It seems, despite the madness, there are still some good people in this world.

The above is a mere handful of examples of brands that are putting their heads above the parapet and saying loudly, “Oi! We still care, you know!” And yes, we do know, we do. 

There’ll be many, many more incredible gestures to come, we’re sure of that, but for now, these are our choices. If you can think of any others that you believe deserve a spot in the top three let us know!

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