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Netflix quietly reveals new icon to complement Brand logo

It seems that another one of the world’s currently most recognised brands has added a new addition to its brand family. The popular streaming service Netflix has very quietly replaced it’s brand icon with a new red carpet/folded ribbon style ‘N’.

The brand rolled the new icon out across its social media channels on Monday, and for the first time this year the internet DIDN’T completely hate it like previous brand changes such as Instagram and The Premier League. A handful of people still hate the change of course, but on this occasion perceptions soon changed after the general public all believed it to be the beginning of a new face for the brand, before the company’s Twitter team quickly clarified that their primary logo wasn’t going anywhere and that this new icon is simply there to add a ‘little flair’ to the overall look of the brand.

The design of the icon has clearly had plenty of thought put behind it, with the curvature of the bottom of the N reminiscent to the bottom curve on the current logo, Netflix have not strayed too far away from their current style. With the news of this new icon soon to be rolled out across its mobile app it leaves us to wonder….will Netflix be redesigning the UI and interface of their streaming apps…or will this entity literally just be used to replace it’s full wordmark icon across all social media channels?

It’s more than possible that the old logo will remain on, but for smaller devices with vertically oriented screens, the new icon leaves much less negative space, making it easier to identify the Netflix app among an overabundance of other ones. It also makes more sense for their social accounts, where square profile images are required.

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