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Facebook Shop and Facebook Services are coming…

Facebook Shop and Facebook Services are coming to your business page and it’s exciting news for small businesses…

As marketers, we all know that having a Facebook page is an essential part of running a business. Facebook advertising options, however, do sometimes seem very expensive and don’t always deliver an ROI. This is especially true for small businesses and independent sellers who don’t have larger advertising budgets.

To tackle this, Facebook is rolling out two new sections to promote both goods and services that merchants sell on the platform.

Facebook Shop and Facebook Services

The new ‘Shop’ section will let businesses list products they’re selling, and allows customers to put in an offer through Messenger. Whilst the new ‘Services’ tab lets them do the same for services. You can list prices, along with a description and photos. Handy, right?

It’s currently only being rolled out to a few emerging markets such as Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Taiwan. The services section will be available to all Pages in the coming weeks. Facebook shop is currently being tested and you can find out more here.

Small businesses will love it

We love this idea, and the fact that actual sales operate via Messenger makes the feature seem very small business friendly. We love that it allows you to offer real one to one customer service using this tool. It could potentially be a big, powerful weapon for small businesses, and now removes the need for them to even need a separate retail site!

The tool can essentially make e-commerce an easy revenue stream for businesses to add to their portfolio, without the need for a huge investment or expensive paid ads. The possible downsides? Stripe who cover the payments will be taking a small percentage of sales, and you’ll probably still need to put some budget aside for paid ads. But still, it’s a big win for the little guy though and we like it! Roll on Facebook shop and Facebook services!

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