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Same but different… rebrand, revolution or rework?


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Image from Google Design

If you were lucky (or unlucky, depending on which way you look at it) enough to receive our last email, you’ll know that we have recently rebranded from Little Black Box to LITTLE. Some have asked ‘why?’ or ‘what was wrong with the old name?’ whilst others have simply declared ‘I like it!’. There were many factors behind our decision to rebrand, a move to a new Leeds studio, the addition of a number of new staff members and not least a desire to create something ‘new’, something the team could feel a part of, something we could grow together. That’s not to say we plan to continue the theme and rename to ‘Medium’ and ‘Big’ as the time suits!

Why Rebrand?

With our rebrand came the need to change the obvious things like business cards, letterhead, website etc etc, which as a creative agency is something we can do with very little cost implications and thus it became an easier decision from a commercials point of view. So what if you’re considering a new look for your business?

There are many reasons you might consider a rebrand for your business, perhaps since it’s inception the marketplace has changed and your brand no longer ‘speaks the right language’, perhaps your business has changed and it needs a new look to better reflect it. One key consideration should always be the brand equity you have with your current customers and your potential customers. Can you afford to rebrand, not financially, but commercially. Consider your brand value, ask your peers, customers… you may just be surprised.

It’s not just the LITTLE guys

Rebranding isn’t just for small companies though. Most notably, the biggest company in the world, Google, chose to evolve their famous moniker. Did you notice? Gone is the more traditional serif font to be replaced by a simpler, more modern sans serif. The colour remains the same but the effect is considerable. Proof then that a small change can make a BIG difference. So, whilst not a rebrand but more of a rework, Google was able to retain it’s brand equity but gives itself a ‘facelift’ at the same time. Clever!

Look closely, or ‘Google it‘ and you’ll be surprised at how many of the worlds biggest brands have done this over the years and yet it goes relatively un-noticed. Not that changing the Marathon to Snickers went un-noticed! Or Opal Fruits to Starburst to name another. Children of a certain generation were outraged! But did these renames have a detrimental effect on sales or awareness? Or was the publicity created around the change more valuable?

Is it time for a change in your business? Or perhaps just a little nip and tuck 😉

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