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Our Top 10 Tips on working from home

So, your boss has turned around and said you can work from home today – are you dreaming of an awesome day, chillaxing in the comfort of your own home? Or panicking at the thought of how you’re going to get yourself out of bed? Maybe you’ve decided to go freelance and need some tip tops on how to work effectively from home? Look no further, the LITTLE team can help…

1. Separate your workspace
If you have space, set up a completely different working space for when you’re working from than your usual ‘chill out’ space. This will help you to mentally separate work time from relaxation time and be more effective.

2. Keep your I.T. separate
Try to use a dedicated work computer which stays in your workspace. This will help you to stay away from personal communications and social media during working hours, and also ‘switch off’ out of hours, avoiding burn out.

3. Invest in a healthy working environment
Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at home – make sure it’s suited to you working there day in, day out. Invest in good lighting to avoid eye strain, a fan if you need better air circulation and a good chair that supports your back well.

4. Set strict timings
Be strict with yourself when it comes to your work/home boundaries. Make sure your family understand your working hours, and when you cannot be disturbed, and try not to get distracted during work if they are at home.

5. Utilise video
Video is your friend when you’re working remotely – it helps establish better relationships with people and keeps you honest (and well presented!). Opt for Skype or Facetime meetings over phone calls.

6. Set yourself goals
Sit down with your employer and establish some goals – that way you will stay motivated and your success will be measured. Be accountable.

7. Stay in contact
Make sure that you’re always contactable during office hours, and if you miss a call you always pick it back up – let people know you’re available and be strict with your communications.

8. Use rituals
By establishing routines and rituals to your says you’ll find that working from home becomes a breeze – try starting work at the same time each day, or doing housekeeping at the same time each week – it will help you maintain focus.

9. Eat well, sleep well
Make sure you are not up until midnight every night working – stick to your hours, and stay rested. Also, make sure you stick to a healthy diet and get regular ‘screen breaks’ to stay fit and well.

10. Get outside and meet people!
Don’t become a total recluse! Meet people in person on a regular basis and stay well groomed! Get out there, meet in coffee shops or arrange meetings with clients over lunch!

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