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How to improve your SMEs Social Media Content

We’ve all been there – trying to juggle managing a business and doing your content marketing can be a real challenge. How do you keep putting your brand out there on social media whilst trying to manage your staff, balance the books and plan the trajectory of the business?

If you’re not quite financially ready to let our content team help you out, try these 3 tips for managing your SMEs social media better:

Invest in the right technology

If you’re constantly on the move and rarely at your desk it’s a good idea to invest in a social media scheduler. Whilst it’s a great idea to keep the majority of your content ‘real time’ so that your fans get insight into your work that feels authentic, a program such as Hootsuite or Schedugram will help you to schedule content when you know that your message will reach the right people, but you might be needed elsewhere.

For example, if you run a coffee shop – at 6am no doubt you’re getting ready for a busy day’s trading, and don’t have time to post a great shot on Instagram, or your special offer on Twitter. A scheduler will let you write, and schedule the post in advance so that you can get on with your day, it will also alert you if people are striking up conversations with you in social spaces – so you can monitor your brand’s reputation.

Define your tone and style

You want your customers to have a seamless experience when it comes to your branding; if your website is fun, engaging and youthful, but your social media is bland, boring and lacks punch – you’re doing it wrong.

Sit down and define your style – what language do you use? What style are your photos? Try and establish a ‘house style’ that echoes your brand values. Try creating a moodboard to help you visualise this.

Share the load

No matter how much you might like to be a control freak you’re going to have to learn to share the load with your team.

If you define a monthly content calendar, along with the tone and style for the content – then everyone in the business can contribute. Think about having a schedule amongst the team for manning social media – that way you’ll keep content fresh and engaging, but make sure you issue clear guidelines for use.

Still stuck? Give us a tweet and we’ll be more than happy to try and give you some advice! Alternatively, give us a call and see what our content management team could potentially do for you?

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