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Facebook Flex is here

We all know that the key to paid social media marketing is specificity; it’s incredibly easy to pour hundreds, if not thousands of pounds into advertising on platforms such as Facebook and see a low ROI if your targeting just isn’t right. It would seem that Facebook is aware of this, and they are consisting developing their advertising targeting, their latest update “Flex And-Or Exclusion” is now rolling out to the general public.

How to use Facebook Flex

Using Power Editor, you’ll see the options in the “Detailed Targeting” section when setting up your ad set. You can now choose to include people who match more than one interest, demographics, or behaviors at a particular time. You can choose to EXCLUDE particular demographics, interests, or behaviors. It allows us to get uber-SPECIFIC!

Need to know more?

We recommend that you play around with this new update and get to know what it can do for you. Want to read more about it? This article explains it all, and outlines just how much power this now gives marketers…happy targeting!

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