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Facebook wants to be your entire web…

Whilst Twitter continues to struggle, Facebook has been quietly plotting again and has developed yet another new feature to keep users enthralled. ‘Instant Articles’ are a new feature that have been in beta testing for the last few months and are about to be rolled out to all users.

The new feature lets publishers provide far richer content that just snippets of content hosted elsewhere on the web, instead on tapping the article users can explore images using the tilt of their handset, see them displayed on a map, watch video content, and hear audio captions that accompany the copy. It seems to be a very stylish, engaging and stylish webpage within the Facebook app, full screen.

It sounds exciting, and as long as brands keep up the quality of their content it should serve to boost Facebook’s continued world-domination and drive engagement, it may potentially also be a great cost-saver for brands as you won’t even need somewhere to host your content anymore as your content will be hosted within the app – yet another reason to believe that Facebook wants to be your entire web, not just your place to stalk your ex.

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