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36 Days of Type 2020 Round-Up

This year marked the 7th series of the annual typographic showdown that is 36 Days of Type.

Back again with sponsorship from big hitters Adobe, along with Fontself and Nvidia Studio. The competition sees creatives from all around the world create letters and numbers for 36 consecutive days. The very best get featured on the 36 DOT Instagram, but all can be seen by searching the hasting #36daysoftype and daily hashtags for each letter (e.g. #36days_a).

Why did we choose to enter this year?

2020 marks the first year we have entered as an agency, so we wanted to add a personal touch to our entries.

The idea of creating a set of letters from past logos we have created has been floating around for a while, and I thought 36 DOT would be the perfect motivation to do it finally. And so, the #AlphabetofLogos was born.

So the hunt into the archives began, searching high and low through hundreds of files for logos to make up all 26 letters and 10 numbers. Going back some ten years, and making Directors Ian and Chris reminisce about simpler times we eventually gathered together all of them with no hiccups! (Okay maybe we had to make a few up but shhh… don’t tell anyone!).

I thought it would be a nice idea to take all the old logo letters and use our new brand style to showcase them to the 36 DOT community. So, keeping it simple with two bold colours per post, the series took shape, and was pretty well received. The 36 DOT community is very supportive of other creatives, and we gained a whole heap of new followers, and noticed the same people liking nearly every one of our posts, which is nice to see.

LITTLE Agency x 36 Days of Type, our contributions

Letter E fell on just the right day to coincide with International Women’s Day 2020, so it seemed only right when the theme was #EachforEqual to combine the two. We animated the E to turn into an equals sign, take a look…


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Issues this year:

Unfortunately this year there was a bit of a blip in proceedings. A bit of confusion with Instagram marking the 36 DOT account as spam, meant that the competition was postponed for a few days in order to sort out the issue. To some people, this may have been welcome relief so they could get ahead with the posts. I took the opportunity to make sure everything was set for the rest of the 36 days. Luckily the guys that run the competition worked tirelessly to get it back up and running with a revised calendar for everyone to follow, and after a couple of days, things were back on track.

Something else that happened during the competition, and is still ongoing, is the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, which has rocked the way we go about our daily lives indefinitely. This gave 36 DOT a whole new level, as it turned into a welcome distraction from the disorder of the world.

Our faves from this year:

Despite the issues of the 2020 edition, there have been some amazing entries this year, and I thought I would show some love and round off this blog with a selection of my favourites.

So here goes…

Will Stewart



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Sandra Almarcha



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Eszter’s Letters

@esztersletters – check out their full feed for a surprise


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Alec Tear



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Fiona Mares


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Lauren Kinslow



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 Tim Tortosa



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I’ve enjoyed taking control of this years 36 Days of Type for the agency, and I’m already thinking about how we can improve on this years to further wow the creative community next year!

See you in 2021 for Series 8!

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