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Social Media and the rise of the ‘over-sharer’

Picture this – it’s a Sunday night, you’re casually scrolling through your Facebook feed and low and behold: there it is. Two of your friends have recently broken up and it is literally ALL OVER your feed. She’s posting selfies of herself fully made up and powerful ‘inspirational’ quotes, he’s posting pictures of himself out with ‘the lads’ cosying up to as many girls as possible – it’s bad. Add to this lots of thinly veiled references to one another including sideswipes about who was to blame for the breakup and frankly – it’s car crash, and so many people seem to be at it.

However it’s not just breakups and bad life events that seem to be the main topics for the ‘over-sharer’ it’s also diets, boobs, gyms shots – Kim Kardashian is definitely a major sufferer just look at her latest attention-seeking nonsense (sorry, I mean, post). Celebs love a bit of the ‘over-share’ from sex tapes to endless beach selfies.

Well, I’m here to say please STOP IT. You’re going to regret this so much later! Social Media is not for emotional outpourings and naked selfies, it’s for sharing interesting and fun stuff, checking in on far away and friends and keeping up to date with the news, not getting people ‘on side’ in your divorce! #Keepsomestufftoyourself.

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