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October, a LITTLE Roundup

October was a busy one at the LITTLE Agency, full of birthday parties and beauty bookings – and none of them were for us!

We’ve been scribbling, developing, designing and brain-storming our LITTLE socks off to make October one of our best months yet.

So, why don’t we dive in and take a look at a couple of our favourite projects from October! 

Stockdales 4th Birthday Campaign 

We launched a 4th Birthday campaign for Michelin Plate recommended Leeds restaurant, Stockdales of Yorkshire. The campaign was a competition to win a meal for four worth £250, and it took all of our strength not to rig it for our own selfish steak-guzzling gain. 

The campaign was spread across multiple mediums to reach as many prospective entrants as possible, including email and paid and organic social, and ran for five days.

We were blown away by the success of the campaign, which reached 24,000 people over the five days, achieving over 6,000 unique engagements. There were 897 hopeful entries in total, and organic engagement over both the Stockdales Instagram and Facebook accounts rose sharply due to the competition. 


Eleventh Hour beauty booking platform

It’s only natural that a beauty booking platform would turn to LITTLE for their marketing. Being so beautiful and all… 👀

Eleventh Hour is a revolutionary new beauty booking platform, and we’ve been busy perfecting the brand ready to launch and take the beauty world by storm! 

Eleventh Hour allows salons, hair and beauty professionals to advertise last-minute appointment spaces and cancellations to busy ‘Eleveners’ looking to fit their appointments around their schedule.

In October we planned a pre-launch event for the first phase of salon sign-ups, worked on social content, promotional material, print ads and a whole host of dev stuff. We have a busy few months ahead and we can’t wait for the launch in February 2020. 


The LITTLE fruit carving

When Halloween rolled around, we just couldn’t face the traditional pumpkin carving, and asked ourselves why the pumpkin? Why not the pineapple, the orange, the BUTTERNUT SQUASH? 

We decided to give fruits and legumes from all walks of life their day in the creepy candlelight this Halloween, with a staff fruit carving session and photoshoot to celebrate a Halloween that embraced fruity inclusivity.

One pumpkin slipped through the backdoor, but we’re an equal opportunities kinda place, so we let it stay. 

And of course, we carved all of our fruit with an expert hand. 

In summary 

It’s been another month of laughs, graft and great results – let’s see what November brings. And don’t worry, we won’t try and light anything other than sparklers. 


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