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Can you spot any of these LITTLE movie mistakes?


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Have you ever watched a film and realised a fatal error in the production? Well, take a look at these 5 images and see if you can spot the mistakes…

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Someone doesn’t look like they belong with Jack Sparrow’s crew

2. Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

Stormtroopers are clumsy too!

3. Pulp Fiction

Something tells me they had to film this scene more than once…

4. Troy

Which year was this set again?

5. Gladiator

Maybe the Romans were more ahead of their time then we knew…


  1.  There is a crew member in the background on the left hand side of Jack Sparrow (dressed like a cowboy)
  2.  In the scene, the Stormtrooper is seen hitting his head
  3. There are bullet holes behind Samuel L. Jackson, BEFORE the shooting took place!
  4.  A plane is in the shot
  5.  A gas cylinder can be seen attached to the carriage

How many did you get out of 5? Let us know on social how you got on and let us know of any other movie bloopers you know of!

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