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Design Inspiration: Minimalist Album Covers by Nick Barclay

Here at LITTLE Agency we love getting inspired by design from across the globe. Have you ever wondered what you favourite, most iconic album covers would look like when stripped back to their minimalist forms? London-born, Australian-based designer and art director Nick Barclay has.

Using his trademark style he’s produced a series of posters featuring his most treasured album covers, reimagined in bright, minimalist forms. Nicks works is intensely playful and intriguing and in the studio we’ve loved guessing which cover is which and choosing our favourites.

Nick Barclay Design

Nick’s work invites the viewer to play this guessing game before getting too close, as every print features the track listing, release date, artist and record label in small print as part of the design.

Nick Barclay


All the greats are here from Nirvana, to Pink Floyd and David Bowie, can you find your favourite? Available now via his shop. Seen something else amazing lately? Drop us a tweet!

Nick Barclay Design

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