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The Month That Was July 2023


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It’s that time of the month once again, and we’re ready to discuss the most important marketing updates from July 2023.

Though July didn’t offer us much in terms of warm, sunny weather – we got plenty in terms of interesting updates. From social media uproars to controversial adverts, it was a hectic one.

Buckle up; we’ve got a lot to get through.

Stepping into the world of social media

Social media was a whirlwind in July – with Threads kicking Twitter off its throne and Elon Musk causing his usual stir. Let’s dive right in:

  • Forget Twitter, there’s a new social sharing app on the scene – Threads
  • Elon Musk, chairman of Twitter, announced Twitter’s rebrand to X in a series of strange tweets
  • Instagram reveals a few insights to cracking the algorithmic code

Unravelling Threads

If you’ve not heard about this one, you’ve definitely been living under a rock.

In July, Meta – the tech powerhouse behind Facebook and Instagram – unravelled Threads, their audacious answer and fierce competitor to Twitter. With an astonishing surge of thirty million users on its debut day, Threads is here to make noise!

The platform boasts many similarities to Twitter in features and functionality, giving the platform a serious run for its money. The premise is relatively simple, your feed will be full of posts from people you follow, called ‘Threads’. Cough, cough, similar to Twitter.

But what sets Threads apart?

Well, users can express themselves with up to 500 characters – say goodbye to Twitter’s pesky character limits! Plus, Threads is a standalone app, but it’s connected to Instagram too – a major bonus for its users. Posts can be shared to Instagram and vice versa, with text, links, videos and photos.

Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, might claim that Twitter’s unparalleled community can never be replicated, but we beg to differ. Users are always hungry for new alternatives, and Threads is serving up a feast.

So, are you ready to trade the Tweet for the Thread? The choice is yours…

…But wait, have you heard about X?

X marks the spot! Goodbye Twitter, hello X

It’s rare we write a monthly update without talking about the latest absurd thing Elon Musk has done, and July was no exception.

Elon Musk has set Twitter ablaze with a rebranding initiative unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed. Picture this: now redirects to, and an “interim X logo” is poised to replace the iconic Twitter bird logo. Elon Musk, the enigmatic owner of Twitter, dropped this game-changing bombshell with a well-timed tweet, sending the internet into a frenzy.

Musk has never been one to shy away from pushing boundaries. It all started when he sent this mysterious tweet…

Talk about cryptic…

But it didn’t end there. Musk then issued a challenge for a “good enough X logo” to go live worldwide, further fueling the speculation. The anticipation was palpable, as fans eagerly waited for the unveiling of the new symbol.

Not content with just tweets, Musk reportedly sent a personal email to Twitter employees, announcing the shift into X and emphasising that this email would be his last from a Twitter address.

Twitter CEO, Linda Yaccarino, couldn’t contain her excitement either, proudly declaring:

For those familiar with Elon Musk’s illustrious career, the letter “X” is practically synonymous with his ventures. From to SpaceX, and even his child’s name, this rebrand shouldn’t actually be that surprising.

X embracing the darkness

In yet another bold move, Musk also announced that he wants the only display option for X to be dark mode, proclaiming that it’s “better in every way.”

Though this will align with X’s sleek black colour scheme, the idea has sparked controversy. Critics pointed out that some users, particularly those with dyslexia or astigmatism, might struggle to read white text on a black background.

Musk’s track record reveals a knack for getting his own way, regardless of the challenges or criticisms. Therefore, it did appear that X would boldly storm ahead with its dark mode-only approach, undeterred by potential obstacles. However, a (very) recent update shows that Musk has backtracked, noting that light mode will remain, but the default will be dark.

How to beat the Instagram algorithm

It can feel like a minefield to navigate the Instagram ‘algorithm’ to get that all-important engagement.

Instagram shared a post recently with a few insights into how to navigate the algorithm. But guess what? There’s not just one, but multiple, to get to grips with depending on what part of the app you’re using.

The secrets to unlocking the Instagram experience lie in how you engage with different parts of the app.


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A post shared by Instagram’s @Creators (@creators)

That’s right, whether you’re on Instagram’s Feed, Explore page or simply scrolling through Reels, however you interact with each section shapes how each separate algorithm reacts.

Every like, comment and scroll guides each algorithm into a tailor-made Instagram experience just for you. Your virtual footprints really do make an impact.

That means, as marketers, it’s important to understand how each of these algorithms works, tailoring your content to each section of the app.

A look at advertising and design in July

We’re mainly talking about exciting adverts this month, both of which had people talking – good and bad. Let’s take a look:

  • Earlier in the year, WUKA, period product brand, released a controversial advert sharing the reality of menstruation – and people weren’t happy
  • Maybelline pulled an impressive marketing stunt that’s got everyone confused

Breaking barriers: WUKA’s controversial advert

In a fight against the stigma around menstruation, taboos and censorship, WUKA made their triumphant debut in the world of advertising earlier this year with a powerful message. The ad in question was a bold, 30-second advert that unveils the reality of periods – withholding nothing – to showcase their sustainable period-proof underwear. But it didn’t come without its battles.

There was a big journey to get this piece to our screens, with resistance from Clearcast, the reviewing agency, who raised concerns about the ad’s controversial nature.

It echoed the unease expressed by a consumer focus group, which only goes to further highlight the deep-rooted stigma around menstruation – only working to cement WUKA’s point further.

The main cause of aversion was a scene which depicts menstrual blood in the footwell of the shower, which people deemed to be too graphic. However, WUKA didn’t back down from any of the criticism.

Fast forward to July, the advert has been cleared by ASA, and the original cut, with all its ‘graphic’ content, remains untouched.

Running across Sky Linear TV, the revolutionary ad is not just breaking boundaries, it’s also a bold celebration of sustainability. Every step of the shoot and production process was offset, ensuring that WUKA’s commitment to the environment remains front and centre.

Nowadays, adverts shouldn’t stay confined to a set list of rules and regulations. It’s about being creative, fearless and ready to push positive change – and it’s great to see companies starting to make headway.

Maybelline’s mind-bending mascara stunt leaves Londoners awestruck

Hold onto your makeup brushes, because Maybelline just pulled off a marketing stunt that has the whole of London losing their minds.

The clip starts with a Tube train decked out in enormous rubber lashes on the front window. And that’s not all – there’s a massive Maybelline 3D mascara wand sticking out of the wall. As the train rolls into the station, the wand’s brush hits the fake lashes.

@hypebae @Maybelline New York is lashing out with their new ad campaign in London. 👀 #maybelline #eyelashes ♬ original sound – HYPEBAE

But here’s the twist: it’s all an illusion.

Teaming up with video artist expert, Ian Padgham, Maybelline’s marketing team wanted to come up with a disruptive campaign that’d showcase their mascara and get people talking. And they definitely ticked that box! Priced at just £11.99, the mascara has become a viral sensation from the video, especially among the TikTok crowd.

Though you won’t be seeing the giant mascara wand and fake lashes any time soon, the trick of the eye is seriously impressive.

PPC in July 2023

Attention digital marketers! We’ve got one key update here in the world of Google Ads, and here’s what we know so far:

  • Google Ads is shuffling up their interface in a number of ways

Enhancing your experience

Google Ads is currently conducting an exciting set of tests on a refreshed interface for selected users.

Their goal is to improve the organisation of the product and make it easier to navigate – and it sounds promising! Let’s dive into the main updates you can expect:

1. A new navigation menu

Say goodbye to the familiar three-menu setup! With the redesign, Google Ads introduces single-level and two-level menus, especially for those managing multiple accounts.

This new, compact menu allows you to access all the tools and features of Google Ads from a single location. Google claims the new navigation is “more consistent and predictable” – no complaints from us!

2. Reorganised interface for enhanced efficiency

To simplify your workflow, Google has reorganised related tasks, making tools and features easier to find.

It may take some time to adjust if you’re a seasoned veteran, but fear not – Google Ads assures us that there have been no changes to the tools and features covered, and nothing is being removed. They’ve added two new categories to highlight what matters most to the success of your campaigns.

Here’s a really speedy overview of the two new navigational categories:

1. Goals
Goals now receive elevated prominence in the navigation menu, emphasising the importance of setting goals to optimise for conversions using AI-powered solutions. This new menu category brings together goals and conversion measurement into one unified location, making it easier for you to conceptualise and strategise.

2. Audiences, keywords, and content
In this category, Google has combined the tools that help you define your target audience with the tools that control how you reach them. It includes Search Keywords, Audiences, Locations, and Content. Notably, Google emphasises that there are no changes to the Search keyword functionality within this redesign.

Additionally, there will be changes to how the following items are displayed in the menu:

  • Campaigns
  • Assets
  • Tools
  • Insights and Reports (which will now have a new combined view)

3. A new look

As always, Google pays attention to aesthetics. Alongside the navigation menu reorganisation, the interface receives a new look.

Expect more white space for a cleaner, less cluttered feel as well as a font change to the larger, branded Google Sans.

Plus, look out for the sleek new icons which feel reminiscent of GA4. All in all, a visually-enhanced user experience is on the horizon.

Although there is no official launch date yet for all these updates, access to the new views has been intermittent as Google collects user feedback and tests user functionality. Rest assured, we can expect these updates to be officially introduced before the year’s end.

So, gear up for an improved experience with the refreshed Google Ads interface, offering a streamlined navigation menu, reorganised features, and an appealing visual revamp. Good things are coming to enhance your PPC campaigns and optimise your advertising efforts!

Hello, August!

As we wrap up July and get ready for August, it’s clear that it’s been a busy month for marketers. However, as always, we’re ready to help if you need assistance with any marketing – whether it’s PPC, social media, email, design or SEO.

Ready to level up your marketing game? Let’s get started.

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