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Reasons to be cheerful about today’s EU Referendum result…

At LITTLE we’re not ashamed to say that in the studio, we’re a little bit sad this morning. We love being part of the EU and are sad to see that the leave vote won by a cat’s whisker. But in the spirit of everything that is good, we thought we’d try and put together a list of reasons to remain cheerful…

1. We should probably get through to the next round of the Euros so there should be some decent football to watch as the pound tumbles…

2. You might get the old style pretty blue passports back #retro.

3. No more cod quotas. So maybe Fish & Chips could get cheaper again.

4. You might start getting stamps in your passports again (and they look cool).

5. The queue in the non-EU exit at the airports are always smaller, so it might make travel faster (even if it’s more expensive).

6. We can start sending back any European celebs that we don’t like – the Cheeky Girls? Diego Costa anyone? Boris Johnson? (He’s technically Turkish anyway)

7. We can get more powerful vacuum cleaners now. So even if we’re all heading into another recession at least your carpets will be super clean!

8. It will be easier to get rid of your old fridge. Seriously.

9. You’ll be able to buy stronger light bulbs. We know, strong stuff here.

10. At least the vote shows that people are engaged in politics again, the turnout was massive!

Which way did you vote, and why? Drop us a tweet!

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