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5 of my favourite bars in Leeds with the best outdoor seating | LITTLE Loves

With summer now in full swing, it’s the perfect time to have a drink outside and enjoy the sun. However, with so many bar choices around Leeds, it’s difficult to know where to choose. I had a think and have pulled together a list of my favourite bars, in the area, that have great outdoor seating areas to enjoy the warmer days and longer evenings!

Headrow House

Headrow House has dominated the outdoor seating arena in Leeds, with a spacious second-floor roof terrace with plenty of seating and sprawling views. Headrow House is known for its creative decor, a wide variety of drinks including an array of craft beers, and an ample and diverse food menu. As a former textile mill, this vast venue is also the perfect spot to catch frequent live gigs and music events.

Belgrave Music Hall

Despite being owned and operated by the same company that brought us Headrow House, Belgrave Music Hall certainly earns it’s place on this list in it’s own right. Spread across three spacious floors, Belgrave offers a plethora of outdoor, rooftop seating that is perfect for warmer days. Booths, beanbags and interesting aesthetics creates a consistently great atmosphere at Belgrave. Additionally, the venue is famed for it’s quality fast-food options including Dough Boys Pizza and Patty Smith’s Burgers – a welcome site for those planning a full day of drinking and sun-soaking at Belgrave Music Hall.

The Alchemist

Although relatively small, The Alchemist’s outdoor seating area offers fantastic views of the city and a trendy vibe. Located in Trinity, this welcoming bar is perfect for a treat due to the slightly more premium pricing. The unique creation of the cocktails through ‘molecular mixology’  makes for exciting viewing, particularly when blow torches and bunsen burners are involved. If you’re searching for an entirely different drinking and dining experience, The Alchemist is the ideal spot for you.

The Woods

The Woods, located in Chapel Allerton, is a personal favourite as the sheltered seating and optional heaters mean that sitting outside needn’t be reserved for summer evenings. The rooftop balcony offers exceptional views across the local area, best enjoyed alongside their range of bar snacks. The Woods offers freshly baked, wood-fired pizzas to appreciate alongside locally sourced beverages – the ideal solution for those seeking an alternative to the city center offerings.


Banyan located in the city center has an extensive outdoor seating area, however, I usually prefer Banyan situated on Street Lane in Roundhay. Recently renovated, the outdoor area here provides an adjustable shelter to cater for both rainy days and act as a sun trap, during the warmer months. Again, Banyan is another ideal location for those looking to avoid the bustling city center, offering a tranquil and quieter option for eating and drinking.

Although the cocktail menu is extensive, the bar staff are more than happy to create past favourites no longer advertised. My personal recommendation is the ‘Zoolander’, listed on a past cocktail menu, this is one of my firm favourites and is perfect for summer.

Do you have a favourite bar with the best outdoor seating? If so let us know via social media!

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