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You can now get your weekly shop via Amazon Fresh

Following its launch in the USA and India, Amazon is now delving deeper into the world of grocery deliveries and started delivering people’s daily staples via their Amazon Fresh services in the UK.

The service will only be available to Amazon Prime customers and starts rolling out across London, they are also offering people in the 69 trial postcodes a free trial of the service for 30 days, after that it’s a £14.98 per month for Prime & Fresh, or £6.99 for only the grocery delivery service.

The launch offering will include more than 130,000 items, including packaged goods, fresh ingredients like meat and seafood from local suppliers, as well as artisanal products to up the ante. The new service comes after the e-commerce giant’s deal in February with British supermarket chain Morrisons in the UK.

Amazon Fresh vice president Ajay Kavan told Reuters:

“We are launching with a comprehensive offer in a limited area and will take our time to hone and improve our service,” and added that the company “will be very methodical and considered in how we roll this service out further in the UK.”

So will this change how we shop and should the big supermarkets be quaking in their boots?

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