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September, a LITTLE Roundup

“Do you remember, all the work LITTLE did in September, LITTLE was changing the mind of pretenders, while chasing the clouds away…”

September was a busy month for the LITTLE team, full of cocktails, steak, beauty and more. We’ve been designing, developing and creating our LITTLE hearts out, and we want to share our hard work with you! 

Let’s dive right in shall we?


We took the slow-mo Baywatch approach to filming a range of cocktails, drinks, and delicious food for fine-dining establishment Stockdales of Yorkshire to use across their social media platforms.  


We captured every, little bit of juicy succulence in slow motion to showcase all that Stockdales has to offer – just thinking about it is making our mouths water!


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We put our best face forward working on a pre-launch strategy for a new beauty platform set to revolutionise the way salons and customers take care of last-minute appointments. 


To say we’re a LITTLE bit excited is a huge understatement – watch this space, something exciting is on its way!


We developed a small, single page site for our friends at Beyond Hope, a leading outdoor distributor.


We planned, designed and executed an advertising billboard at Leeds Bradford Airport to help fine dining steak restaurant Stockdales of Yorkshire reach new heights. 


We hope to promote Stockdales as the perfect short haul destination for Wagyu lovers around Leeds.


And much more – but enough about our September, how was yours?



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