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Our top 5 Selasi moments from Great British Bake Off!

Like the rest of the nation, we LOVE Selasi (aka #SassySelasi) from Great British Bake Off! The contestant who was so laid back he was horizontal (literally at various times throughout the show) melted our hearts with his spontaneous dance moves and cheeky comments, not to mention his flirty eye making at Mary and Paul!
We’re in a pitta despair (sorry) over the fact he’s gone… but here are our best bits from his time in the world’s most famous tent!


1. The time he aced his lemon curd

His lemon curd


2. Underestimating the spice of his chilli


3. Selasi & Sue’s pancake dance


4. Bribing Mel with pie (totally something we’d do)


5. And finally… His showstopper gingerbread church! (Please form an orderly queue behind us to marry him in there)

We all wish we could marry him in his gingerbread church showstopper

Is your favourite one we’ve missed? Tweet us & #SassySelasi!

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