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March, a LITTLE Round-Up

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

And if you don’t understand that reference, then you are CLEARLY not making the most of your extra free time indoors. But you ARE reading our March round-up, so we’ll let you off. 😉

Carole Baskin

We’re now living in a world dominated by video conference calls, at home PE lessons with Joe Wicks and endless repeats of Storage Wars on the telly. Despite all of this, the LITTLE team managed to work through what was arguably our busiest month of the year so far. So, let’s get into it!

36 Days Of Type #36DOT

36 Days of Type

Ahhh 36 Days of Type, you really are a brilliant and innovative project for designers to express themselves, but blimey are you time-consuming.

After our designer Sam successfully took on the challenge himself in 2019, we decided to use his skills for our LITTLE Instagram account this year. The challenge itself is to design a letter or number each day for 36 days, which of course is not just a five-minute job!

We decided to run with the theme of nostalgia for this year’s challenge, with designs featuring a combination of final logos and first stage concepts for a variety of our clients. It was amazing to see how many different letter marques we have created over the years! Check them out for yourself on our Instagram here.

Launching the Eleventh Hour Beauty website

Eleventh Hour Beauty Website

After months of blood, sweat, tears and more sweat, we launched the brand new website for Eleventh Hour Beauty!

We have also been working hard to secure and maintain the professional relationship with influencer and reality TV star Olivia Bowen as a brand ambassador.

We can’t wait to see Eleventh Hour take the beauty world by storm in the coming months, helped along the way with a tip-top responsive website.

Headed by our expert developers Steve & Luke, the website will allow salons and beauty businesses to list their last-minute appointments and cancellations, and connect with users looking for just that. It’s that simple!

We’re not finished just yet, though, as the Eleventh Hour app is coming soon, watch this space…

An interview with Laura Wellington

Before social distancing rules doomed us all to Zoom/Teams/Google Hangouts or whatever you use, Lucy was lucky enough to meet with Laura Wellington, Co-founder & Director of Duke Studios, Sheaf Street & Duke Makes and Founder of In Good Company (and more), as part of our ongoing work with King & Co.

It’s safe to say they had a lot to talk about!

Office signage for The Fordy Group

The Fordy Group Office Signage

If recruitment marketing is the question, then LITTLE is definitely the answer! In March, we were given the task of sprucing up The Fordy Group’s office from plain white walls to something more inspiring for their workforce.

Adjusting to our ‘new normal’

Of course, we couldn’t publish this month’s LITTLE round-up without making reference to the COVID-19 outbreak. After vacating our riverside studio and preparing for life indoors, we have significantly changed the way we work with our clients in order to serve them best.

While we may be housebound, the spirit within the LITTLE team has not faltered, and we continue to work behind the scenes to create the wonderful things in which we pride ourselves on. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our new workspaces for the foreseeable future:

For now, we urge you all to stay at home, look after one another and just keep going!

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