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Ten things that will drive any designer crazy…

At LITTLE design is our passion and we love what we do, but as a team we’ve realised that there are some universal things that will drive any designer crazy. We thought we’d share our (incredibly scientific) survey results with you, so you can keep the designer in your life from losing their mind…

1. The Lobster font (it’s the new comic sans)


2. Being asked to use word to design print documents (just no, okay?)


3. The dreaded spinning beach ball aka ‘spinning wheel of death’


4. Cheap pens (you’re killing me with your 10p biro)


5. Being asked to directly copy a logo (but just change the brand name on it)

things -designers-hate-6

6. Being asked to directly copy a website (but just change the logo)


7. Crap coffee


8. When people say “Can you work your magic on this?” or “Can you jazz it up?”


9. Bad and inconsistent margins


10. Spending every evening doing photoshop requests for friends when they find out you’re a designer


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