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BBC3 moves online


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In the early hours of this morning, BBC3 aired its final show before it’s move to being solely an online platform. With cost savings of over 50 million, it is the first tv channel to do this in the world – is this the shape of things to come?

Viewers can now hop over to the ‘Best of BBC Three’ feed on BBC iPlayer to stay up to date with their favourite shows when they have some time to kill, alternatively, if they just want a little piece of bite-sized entertainment the ‘Daily Drop’ is the channel’s new mobile platform. Controller David Kavanagh says that it’s an “exciting time” for the channel;

“We will make available innovative, distinctive TV shows, featuring the best new talent, when it suits the audience not the schedule. We will innovate with new types of content young people want and deliver it in a way that fits their lives, wherever they are, through The Daily Drop…”

He has also said that he wants BBC Three to be “British focused” and “grow the creative and digital industries in the UK.” Content will include less comedy panel shows, light entertainment and fewer aquisitions with more investment in supporting home grown talent.

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