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Our approach to building a website

Web developers are the butter to the bread that is your website design. We piece together the whole package and deliver it live to the web to the most up to date and efficient standards. Here at LITTLE, our web developers focus on 5 areas that really make your website stand out of the crowd.

1. Speed

A fast website will improve your Google ranking and greatly enhance your overall browsing experience. There’s nothing worse than wanting to view a webpage that just won’t load, and nothing better than a website that feels like it’s loaded before you even clicked the mouse! We do this using lots of cool things like CDNs, image optimisation and we minify our code to be as small as possible and load quickly.

2. Security

When it comes to the web, anything is hackable. Nobody can 100% guarantee your site’s security, but that’s where backups come in! We document every change we make and backup often in our version control software.

3. Usability

We develop everything with usability in mind, whether that’s how easy it is to click a button on your phone, or how easy it is to update your own website. We keep things simple for our own content team, the client, and the user.

4. Scalability

The web is in constant flux and so is your website. The site that is launched today may need to be expanded upon significantly in the future so we make sure sites are coded so they can grow as they need to. There should be no hefty development costs for adding simple functionality to a site we have built

5. New and cool features

We keep a close eye on the ever-changing digital environment, incorporating new developments into new websites or existing ones if possible. One thing we are really excited about is Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This strips all the clutter out of a blog or article page on mobile devices. So when you are browsing on the move you only get the good stuff!

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