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It’s April, fool!

It’s that time of year again guys – April 1st is here and the marketing teams for many brands have been working hard to try and mess with your heads! Did you get taken in by anything yet? Here’s a round-up of our favourites…


Outdoor media guys Clearchannel have really gone to town this year and have been messing around making jokes using our favourite British brands from Aunt Bessie’s to Right Guard…Left Guard, anyone?

April Fools 2016 clearchannel hipsters

April Fools 2016


Instead of depressing us with how much younger/thinner we were five years ago, Timehop have been having a giggle this morning and have been showing us some fictional Timehops including Bieber in the future…we especially love ‘Fast and Furious 17’…

April Fools 2016 Timehop
April Fools 2016 Timehop
April Fools 2016 Timehop

Did you spot any great ones? Tweet us yours!

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