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August, a LITTLE roundup

August was a busy month for the LITTLE team, full of bakes, cakes, pigs – and a bit of hard work in between!


So what exactly did we get up to? 

We went for a staff bonding day down on the farm, full of sheep herding, pig chasing, tractor riding and wellie wanging… and left more certain than ever of our chosen career paths!

We got in the Great British Bake Off spirit with our Fantasy Bake Off challenge! The team got bread-y for the national competitive baking bonanza by carefully selecting our teams through extensive research and contemplation.

We’ve been creating an interactive simulation builder for training company MDA Training. The simulation allows users to build a bespoke training package through the website, with the interactive benefits of page transitions, animations and user gestures.

 ATF Supplies underwent a website refresh in August with LITTLE. The old site had lost its lustre, was not fit for mobiles, and no longer reflected the forward-thinking spirit of the company so we re-injected a little va-va-voom with a graphical overhaul.

And of course we’ve been blogging, posting, creating, brainstorming and each doing our LITTLE bit to make every month a great month here at LITTLE HQ! 


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