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Facebook tests Snapchat style filters

Does Facebook want a slice of Snapchat’s pie? Facebook are testing a new ‘Snapchat-style’ feature that lets users open up a ‘selfie’ camera within the App and place overlay filters on their pictures – sound, erm, familiar?

How it works

You’ll find it at the top of your news feeds and it invites you to share a quick snap or a short video with your friends using a cool set of Olympic themed filters. It’s very, very similar to Snapchat’s filters so if you’re keen on those, you’ll find using it a breeze.


It’s the first time that Facebook HQ have integrated Masquerade (MSQRD), an app it bought back in March, into its core product. The platform allows users to customise their selfies with various overlays and ‘swap’ faces with other individuals and celebrities.

It seems that Facebook’s intention going forward must be to allow users to share videos and images decorated with trending iconography relating to trending news, events and topics.


This could potentially be a great money-spinner for Facebook, Snapchat has managed to monetize theirs – brands including Pepsi and Cadburys have special sponsor badges and stickers – now Facebook can get in on that too. The fact remains, though, it’s a little bit cheeky isn’t it? To add further insult to injury, just last week Instagram was accused of stealing Snapchat’s Stories feature with the roll out of ‘Instagram Stories’.

At LITTLE we think social media platforms should push forward and create new and exciting ideas, instead of mimicking another successful competitors’ features – let’s here it for innovation, not imitation!

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