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Website Design And Development

Bespoke website design for high-performance sites, elevating you above your competitors. Looking for a web design agency to transform your online presence? Get in touch today!

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Your website needs to look great and work well - don’t settle for just one. Our experienced in-house website design and development team help businesses hit (and surpass) their targets with stunning, user-centred websites. From startups to enterprises, from an array of industries, trust us to transform your online presence.

Business Reasons

1. Is your website no longer reflecting your business, or is it just looking a little tired? Trust us to reinvent your online presence.
2. New to the market? We’re here to take your business from startup to success.
3. Wanting to move into ecommerce and start selling online? With so much competition online, we’re here to develop a website that will thrive from day one
4. If you are wanting to get more from your digital marketing but your site isn’t quite up to it, let us craft a website that hits the mark, every single time
5. Your conversions may be dwindling and those clicks on the ‘Checkout button’ are dropping. Whether it’s more sales or more leads, we’ll develop a site to help you convert every time.

How do we build a site?

1. Mobile Friendliness

Building for a mobile-first audience, without compromising desktop experience

2. Speed & Performance

Ensuring a fast load time is vital to a good experience on-site

3. User Experience & Core Web Vitals

Breaking down the elements of what makes a good experience and prioritising those for your customers

4. Device & Browser Compatibility

Providing a variety of specific assets for each browser or device, so that experience isn’t negatively impacted for anyone

5. Readability & Accessibility

Ensuring the visually impaired are provided for, foreign language translation is provided when needed, as well as making assets on site easily accessible

6. Site Navigation & URL Structures

Simple and efficient url structures aid the overall experience as well as rankings, a clear navigation is paramount users as well as search engines

7. Indexation & Sitemaps

Building sites that are easily indexed puts you above your competition, sitemaps and a clear structure within are one tool to achieve this

Areas of expertise

Our toolkit is large, and our team’s combined experience is extensive, from crafting small microsites to highly-functional integrated business platforms, we’ve got it covered.

Content Management Systems
When it comes to choosing your CMS, we always choose the more appropriate platform for your need. However, WordPress is typically our weapon of choice. Easily editable and cost-effective for you, WordPress offers our clients the ability to keep their site up-to-date at all times. To put it simply, it’s great and we love it.
From startups to large corporations, Shopify is often the ecommerce platform of choice for many businesses. Whether you’re developing a new store or evolving an existing one for better performance, we harness the power of Shopify to help you get your products into the hands of customers. We can help develop integrations with your other business tools (ERP, CRM or PIM etc) so operations always run smoothly and seamlessly. We can also handle replatforming to Shopify from another system.
Robust and reliable, and incredibly customisable, WooCommerce is a great platform for when you require more bespoke functionality. We build tailored solutions, allowing you to easily unlock the full potential of your online shop. If you currently have a WordPress site but want to start selling online, you can easily evolve the site with our help. We can also handle replatforming to WooCommerce from another system.
Bespoke Solutions
When an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t offer all the functionality you need, then a bespoke application is the way to go. These solutions are tailored to the exact needs of your business, just tell us what you need and we’ll get straight to work. We’ve developed sales portals, asset storage repositories, project management tools, specialist directory and much much more.
API’s / Integrations
An API is a mechanism by which two systems communicate and share information. A popular example would be integrating a payment gateway, for example PayPal, into your website to handle payments online. Our team has all the knowledge and experience necessary to develop bespoke solutions that meet your business objectives with security and efficiency at heart. In the past, we’ve worked with numerous Payment Gateways, CRMs, Social Media and more, alongside producing bespoke solutions to share product and sales information between eCommerce platforms and dedicated Product Information Management tools.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
We’ve always got our eyes on the same goal as you: increasing conversions. Working side-by-side with our other specialist, in-house teams, we look closely at your existing website to identify any gaps and improvements that could be made. Whether it’s landing pages, content personalisation or ecommerce, let us optimise your site, drive sales and exceed your targets.
Cyber Security
Keeping your website and data safe is at the core of everything we do. Committed to risk assessment and limiting cyber threats, we’ll implement and manage authentication systems to keep your data under lock and key. We’re always ahead of the game, managing threats and risks before they even appear. Essentially, we’re well-equipped to give you peace of mind that your site is always well-protected and secure.


Managed WordPress
We’ll take responsibility in updating your site’s underlying core files and any third-party plugins, whilst fixing any breaking changes that may arise. Extended functionalities, such as web forms, ecommerce etc., will be frequently tested to minimise any disruption to both your business and audience. Your site will sit on its own virtual private server, be monitored for threats and downtime, backed up regularly and encrypt web traffic via SSL.
Bespoke Managed Packages
If your website needs a more bespoke hosting solution, we can provide you with a private virtual server that can easily be configured and scaled to fit the needs of your website. We can also help to maintain the site and provide varying levels of support to ensure maximum uptime for your website, minimising any disruption to both your business and audience.
Non managed
For those who prefer to handle their own maintenance, or for sites that can be hosted without the need for regular updates. We can provide you with a private virtual server that can easily be configured and scaled to fit the needs of your website.

Our Process

1. Discovery

For all projects, no matter the scale, we begin with a discovery phase. This can be complex or simple but always starts with a face-to-face workshop where we invite all the important people. We’ll initiate conversations around goals, functionality, design, imagery and content. This process involves first-in-class designers, developers, copywriters and marketeers to ensure the best solutions are offered.

2. Specification

Following Discovery, a detailed specification of the project is then created. This will contain all the important information required to deliver the project on time and within budget.

3. Content

A content strategy outlines your audience and how best to communicate what you need it to. This can take the form of copy, images or video, and our skilled in-house team can create and support as required.

4. Wireframe / User flows

We create wireframes to test and visualise the site plan and user flows. Wireframes typically do not include any styling, colour or graphics and the focus is on space allocation and content, functionalities available and intended behaviours.

5. Design

The design phase is when the project really comes to life. We take the wireframes and add the brand elements; colours, images and typefaces. This is presented as an interactive mockup for you to explore.

6. Development

Depending on the type and scale of project we either work using waterfall or agile methodologies. Either way, the concept of the development phase is the same, the code is written and a new website is created.

7. Testing

Once developed our new websites are thoroughly reviewed and tested by developers and designers against the specification and designs. This includes browser and device testing to make sure it looks great and performs well on all modern devices.

8. Training & Documentation

All our websites are provided with documentation to ensure you can manage your own content long after the development is complete. We provide face to face or remote training.

9. Post Project

Once your new website is live then we can support you as much as required and we are on hand if you need us.


"The LITTLE Agency team really engaged and understood our project from the start. They delivered the brand and website we wanted to the vision and brief we provided whilst surpassing expectations and being completely flexible as the project evolved. We are delighted with the finished product and we are excited for our clients and collaborators to use and enjoy our new website which does justice to our work. We would recommend LITTLE Agency to anybody who is considering a fresh take on how their organisation looks and operates."

Daniel, Xanthe Quayle

"LITTLE have been amazing, their designs are fantastic and they are expert at taking what I’ve asked for and turning it into something stylish, sophisticated and the end products are always much more than I imagined. They have been very understanding of last minute changes and are always responsive to our constant emails which is very important to a fast-paced restaurant such as ourselves."

Victoria, Stockdales of Yorkshire

"This looks totally f**king awesome! Thanks."

Dan, Imperium Global

Why Us?

1. We’ve built lots of websites and web applications
2. We are a LITTLE sized agency, with fees to match, but with capabilities of a large agency
3. As we have specialists from other disciplines in house we make sure your site is a perfect blend of design, content and technical
4. We don’t just develop a website, we offer advice and support, not just a gun for hire.

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