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Stockdales of Yorkshire


Stockdales opened their doors in 2015, and their mission was simple; to become the go-to steak restaurant in the thriving city of Leeds. As we are all a bunch of foodies we jumped at the chance to help!

We developed a marketing plan that incorporated social media, blogs, advertising, print design, video and so much more to put Stockdales firmly on the map. Campaigns that received particularly high engagement include competitions, loyalty and gift card schemes and a series of super tempting ‘How-to’ videos for their social media accounts. Our brand new responsive website has had over 1 million page views, and our consistent email campaigns have also boosted their web traffic by over 300%!

After helping Stockdales soar up the Tripadvisor rankings and increase their visibility, we explored even more ways for the brand to reach new heights. Working with Leeds Bradford Airport, we oversaw a multimedia advertising campaign which now sees Stockdales proudly promoted to the 4 million passengers who pass through the airport each year.

We genuinely love working with Stockdales (I mean – who wouldn’t?!). By helping to increase those tricky midweek covers as well as overseeing a surge in customer spend, we are well on our way to achieving our goals. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, despite every campaign fuelling hunger throughout the studio!

Little have been amazing, their designs are fantastic and they are expert at taking what I've asked for and turning it into something stylish, sophisticated and the end products are always much more than I imagined. They have been very understanding of last minute changes and are always responsive to our constant emails which is very important to a fast-paced restaurant such as ourselves.


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