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Mean Eyed Cat Bar


Working with this merry band of misfits, we redesigned and launched their new website. We set out to create the look and feel of the bar in an online setting, using a mixture of playful graphic design and atmospheric photography.

Mean Eyed Cat Bar are an alternative urban bar based in Leeds city centre. They came to us wanting a new website that engaged people, as well as gave them all the information they would need to see the bar’s menu, opening hours and events.

The site is not just informing people about what the bar offers, but also getting them to engage with online content such as the ‘record player’ which allows them to have a spin on the bar’s decks!

We’ve shown here that we’re great at being playful, bright and above all FUN – the website for Mean Eyed Cat Bar not only informs, it inspires and uses a blend of fun graphic design and on brand photography at its heart.

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