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Eleventh Hour Beauty


Eleventh Hour is a unique platform, designed specifically for the hair & beauty industry, listing last-minute appointments and cancellations, something which costs the industry millions of pounds every year.

Abi, the owner, had the idea and the name, our job was to create a slick brand and digital solution, then take it to market! We were involved in everything from the initial branding right through to launching the product and ongoing marketing.

In terms of branding, the logo marque is a stylish and subtle ‘11’ & ‘H’ monogram that has a strong presence and is easily recognisable. The main colour palette of the soft teal and bold copper create a contrasting scheme that airs on the side of the female audience, but isn’t out-of-reach the male demographic.

The typefaces used throughout collateral have a strength, a clearness and a playfulness. When used in combination they create interesting lockups that ooze the brand’s personality. The cutout photography style further cements the sense of fun with the brand, and show off bold hairstyles and nail colours.

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