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Through a combination of data analytics, creative thinking and SEO expertise, we craft results-driven, professional SEO services to bring in traffic that converts.

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From technical SEO and content marketing on-site, to link acquisition and digital PR off-site, we offer fully-integrated SEO services to drive traffic, conversions and revenue. If you’ve seen your competitors higher up Google’s results pages than you, if they’re more visible or have a richer presence, SEO is your best strategy. By tailoring our campaigns to the needs of your business online, we’ll help you compete with your competitors and bring home long-term return.

What is SEO?

On the surface, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation), might seem pretty simple; but in reality, it’s far from it.

It’s not just about ranking high on the results pages. From keyword targeting and crafting a great user experience to producing engaging content, authority building off-site and everything in between, SEO needs a considered, careful, expert approach – which is where we come in.

On top of all that, ranking is one thing, but will your traffic convert? Our SEO consultancy offers a wholly integrated strategy, focusing on driving consistent organic growth, delivering measurable ROI and real-world benefits to your business.

Whatever your industry, whether a conversion is a lead or a sale, we’ve transformed countless companies’ SEO practices and driven them towards success.

SEO can be broken down into four clear stages:

First up, crawling. Search engines like Google send out bots, or ‘spiders’ to seek out new content, discovered by one page linking to another, taking things like security, sitemaps and status codes into consideration.

But if your site can’t be crawled, it can’t be rendered, indexed and finally, ranked - a big problem. This is where our technical audits come in, so we can ensure your site is accessible to search engines in the first instance.
Rendering involves the search engine analysing a page’s content - how it’s built, outbound and inbound links, speed and user experience. Everything.

We optimise your site’s rendering through carefully analysing each and every page from Google’s perspective, ensuring you pass the stringent requirements laid out as a ‘good experience’.
We’ll control what content is indexed, and what isn’t. We’ll make sure to exclude anything you don’t want to be included in the search results, like pages with intentionally thin content, or unavoidable instances of very similar content,

After all, you wouldn’t want ‘poor’ pages to negatively impact those pages you've worked hard on to get into the rankings.
websites they have in their index, these algorithms analyse a multitude of ‘ranking factors’ to discern how accurately a given page answers a users query (what they search in Google).

Ranking factors include optimised metadata, publishing regular content, a healthy backlink profile and more, and optimising for these ranking factors (and all the rest of them!) is exactly what we’re here to do, to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Why Us?

1. We are SEO experts. Skilled, experienced specialists, bringing creativity to an analytical industry with one goal; delivering real results.
2. We are a LITTLE sized agency, with fees to match, but with SEO capabilities of a large agency.
3. We provide an integrated approach, blending data-insights and technical prowess, with creativity and design expertise.
4. Our SEO team is an extension of your team, offering advice and support, not just a gun for hire.

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Areas of Expertise

SEO is an umbrella term for a whole host of tactics that can vary depending on your business, your site and your customer. And of course, our professional SEO services encompass everything under the umbrella so we can build a roadmap to increase visibility and drive organic growth.

Ahead of the curve and always on the lookout for Google’s constant updates, we’ll ensure your next steps are always on the right path, whatever your industry, whatever your company’s size.

How much technical SEO work needs doing, or whether you’ll need your content overhauling entirely depends on what is found in the auditing phase of work. We tailor our approach to suit your business requirements, whether it’s a full content overhaul or the odd piece here and there. The long and short of it is, we’re always aligned towards the same goal as you: bringing you more customers.

SEO Strategy
Through technical audits, competitor analysis and keyword research, we’ll find the gaps in your search presence. With clear, actionable advice, get ready for a SEO strategy tailored to your needs, potentially blended with PPC and CRO strategies to effectively complement your strategy and bring in more business.
Technical SEO
With an in-house SEO development team who build sites that succeed in organic rankings, we’re well-versed in finding issues, and having the knowledge to repair them. From site migration and redirection, to page speed and user experience, we make sure your site is easily crawled, rendered and indexed. Without which, Google won’t be able to accurately rank your carefully crafted content.
On-page & Content
With talented content experts involved in your campaign from its inception, we’ll craft optimised, keyword-focused content that’s engaging and insightful. Creating content to convert and inform is our expertise, whether your traffic has transactional, commercial or navigational intent - we’ve got you covered.
Off-page & Backlinks
Backlinks are a core pillar of SEO, the more you have and the better quality they are, the more authoritative your site appears to Google. We’ll help you acquire good-quality links to build your authority, from link repair and replacement to guest-posting and content creation, we do it all - not forgetting backlink outreach too! Essentially, we utilise our experienced SEO team to build and hone your backlink profile, making you an authority in your niche.

Off-page SEO is complicated and time-consuming, so let us take away the hassle and make you an authority in your niche.
Local SEO
Combining on-site and off-site optimisations, local SEO often involves finding local keywords and creating content around them, optimising a business’s Google My Business profile, and aligning “NAP” citations across the web. Our local SEO clients often have multiple locations and rely on traffic from maps as a revenue stream. We drive traffic, leads and brand awareness to their sites from users in their local area through our local SEO offering.

Our Process

1. Baseline

Understanding where you’re at and what ‘success’ looks like to you is where we start, an essential component of building an effective SEO strategy. We baseline rankings, traffic and conversions from the get go, and then we can start moving the needle.

2. Audit

We’ll look out for all the red flags, along with the strengths in your site’s current setup by running detailed audits from a technical and keyword perspective, alongside your backlink profile. And then, we can begin planning…

3. Research

This is where the real stuff starts, building user profiles of your target audience to make keyword research more efficient, as well as detailed competitor research to get a handle on what their SEO activity looks like - and go ten steps further.

4. Technical

Using industry-leading software, alongside specialist technical expertise, we offer technical SEO audits to form the foundation of a campaign, so we can implement change that drives results.

5. Content

Specialists in writing keyword-focused, engaging content, our in-house copy team bring value and craft on-page SEO content and off-page digital PR. No Artificial Intelligence here, this is the real deal.

6. Backlinks

After auditing your current backlink profile, we’ll outline a link strategy that offers your site the best route to achieving a higher domain authority. Encompassing content creation on and off-page, outreach services and ongoing management - trust us to get things in check.


"LITTLE Agency are a real extension of our team, not just an agency. They bring a level of expertise that we don’t have in house which has helped drive great performance since we started working with them."

Jen, Right Fuel Card

"Working with LITTLE Agency for the past 8 years is a testimony in itself to the quality of work and level of service that the whole team offers. Excellent time scales and honest advice with clear strategy is what has kept us using LITTLE Agency over the years. We continue to work with this fantastic agency and couldn’t commend them any more for the help and keen eye to detail they continue to offer."

Scott, Resin Mill

"As a business owner I can’t recommend LITTLE Agency enough. It’s like having our own marketing department. We value their advice and each year they help us plan our marketing strategy. They’re competitively priced and turn around work at short notice when we need it most."

Albert, One Hundred Concierge


What is SEO?
Put simply, SEO is the process of optimising your site to increase its visibility in search engines for specific searches (user queries) that are related to your business.
What does SEO stand for?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this is where improvements are made on and off-page to align your site with queries people search for in Google, Bing and other search engines.
How does SEO work?
There isn’t one hard-and-fast process for running a successful SEO campaign, but as a general rule, agencies will; baseline, audit, research, analyse technically, analyse content, analyse backlinks, strategise and finally, action all findings.
How to improve SEO?
There isn’t one silver bullet to improving your SEO and ranking higher in Google, rather lots of small changes that have a collective impact on your position in search. From publishing regular, relevant content to optimising meta data or providing a good user experience - SEO is a lot of work.
What are backlinks in SEO?
Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks as a clear sign that a specific page is authoritative in their niche. A high number of backlinks usually translates to ranking highly in the search engine results.
What is technical SEO?
Technical SEO is the process of optimising your site, to help search engines crawl, render and index your site more effectively. The more technically optimised your site, the better chance you have at ranking competitively.
What is on page SEO?
On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) is the process of optimising elements on your site in order to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic from the search engine results pages. Things like your content, internal linking, metadata and structured data.
What is off page SEO?
Off-page SEO (also called off-site SEO) refers to any action taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings and traffic from search engines. This includes signals from things like backlinks, NAP citations and Google My Business.

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