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PPC Services

We build, optimise and manage PPC campaigns to offer real return on investment. Looking to maximise your growth? Speak to our PPC team today!

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When it comes to PPC, a strategy and solution that’s tailored to your business is a crucial building block for increasing online visibility, increasing ROI and reducing cost-per-acquisition. Using data-driven analytics, strategic thinking and an understanding of your audience’s intent, trends and behaviours, we’ll identify marketing opportunities where others can’t - and deliver results that matter.

Our approach to PPC marketing

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a powerful marketing tool in which a site targets search audiences and pays a fee each time a user clicks on their ad.

There’s a whole lot that goes into PPC marketing services, it’s not just about creating an ad. From thorough keyword research to ad creation and bid optimisation, PPC is no easy task to do alone – but that’s what we’re here for.

We develop innovative, agile, results-driven PPC strategies to ensure you connect with your audience and see success, whether that be a lead, an online sale or customers through the doors.

We offer an integrated approach, working closely with our other specialist teams to maximise your marketing efforts, offering PPC campaign services such as:

Paid Search
With billions of daily searches across all kinds of search engines, from Google to Microsoft, search advertising looks to capture the intent of users to drive core campaign goals - whether that be revenue, leads or website traffic. Utilising a combination of quality keywords, relevant, highly-tailored ad copy and high performance landing pages, let us entice your target audience to take action so you can hit the targets that matter the most.
The goal of display advertising is to get eyes on your brand, driving awareness, increasing visibility and building your presence within your niche. Display ads can serve over multiple inventories, such as YouTube and Gmail, with ads eligible to serve dynamically to users. Providing high-quality, engaging visuals and compelling messages, trust us to develop a strategy that’ll help your brand stand out from the crowd.
Shopping Ads
Shopping ads, also known as comparison shopping services, allow advertisers to serve their products on multiple inventories, including Search Engine Results Pages and YouTube, driving users to one ultimate action: a purchase. However, without a quality product feed, your results will take a severe hit. With extensive experience crafting first-class shopping ads, we’ll ensure your ads always hit the mark. Using quality product descriptions, high-resolution thumbnails and competitive pricing strategies, we’re here to make sure your campaigns are a success from day one.
Performance Max
A powerful new inventory type by Google, Performance Max allows ads to serve over YouTube, Display, Search, Discovery, Gmail and Maps. Consequently, this helps drive performance based both on where your core audience is located and on your specific conversion goals. We’re here to help you unlock the full potential of Performance Max, maximising the usage of smart bidding, audience signals, creative assets and data feeds, so you can find more converting customers. And ultimately, that’s what matters the most.
Paid Social
With over 4.6 billion active users on various social media platforms, including Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok, you’re missing out if you’re not using paid social. A hugely influential tool, let us help you tailor and target the exact audience you’re after, using a two-pronged approach of prospecting and remarketing. Killer creative, a great grasp of your target audience and well-defined campaign goals are the very backbone of our paid social strategies, tailored to you so we can drive your business to success.
With over 90% of global ad spend pushed towards programmatic advertising, its effectiveness in terms of building brand awareness and long-term success comes as no surprise. Predominantly activated at the top of the funnel, driving awareness through video, native, audio and display ads, programmatic is all about being at the right place at the right time. Putting you right in front of your target audience is always our main aim. By combining programmatic advertising with both first and third party data, we’re here to help you drive effective impressions at scale.

Why Us?

1. We’re experts in PPC. With a blend of creativity, data-driven insights and years of experience in the market, we’ll drive your business to success.
2. We’re a LITTLE sized agency, with fees to match, but with capabilities of a large agency
3. We take a blended approach, working closely with our design, content and technical teams to ensure the perfect PPC strategy
4. Our work doesn’t just stop once your campaign is live, we’re here to offer continual advice and support throughout your whole journey

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"LITTLE Agency are a real extension of our team, not just an agency. They bring a level of expertise that we don’t have in house which has helped drive great performance since we started working with them."

Jen, Right Fuel Card

"Working with LITTLE Agency for the past 8 years is a testimony in itself to the quality of work and level of service that the whole team offers. Excellent time scales and honest advice with clear strategy is what has kept us using LITTLE Agency over the years. We continue to work with this fantastic agency and couldn’t commend them any more for the help and keen eye to detail they continue to offer."

Scott, Resin Mill

"The LITTLE team are a pleasure to work with, really helpful & supportive. Their knowledge and guidance was exactly what we needed."

Julia, Charlton Grant

Our Process

1. Discover

Whether you’re running campaigns already or you’re starting totally from scratch, we embark on a full PPC audit service, starting by taking the time to get to know you, your business, your challenges and your goals. That way, we can get off on the right foot and formulate a roadmap with realistic goals.

2. Research

Now we get to work analysing your industry’s digital landscape, taking into account your current performance and your key competitors’ performances - so we can beat them. Reviewing the competitive landscape in terms of keywords, ad copy, landing pages, estimated monthly spend and more, we can get to work setting a benchmark for your business.

3. Implement, test and optimise

And once we’ve got the roadmap decided and agreed, now’s the time to implement it. With tightly-focused targeting, impactful copy and data analytics, we’ll create campaigns that focus not just on getting traffic to your site, but bringing back a return. And from there, we test, optimise and repeat, to ensure your campaign is always the best of the best.

4. Review and report

Once your campaign is up and running, we’ll never lose sight of what matters: conversions. We’ll ensure your ads are always to the best quality and reviewed regularly for performance, so we can then provide accurate, regular reports on the metrics that matter to you, so you have actionable insights moving forward.

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