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Email Marketing Services

Engage your audience, build brand loyalty, and deliver results - every single time.

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In an age where our inboxes are flooded, we use our expertise and experience to ensure you stand out amongst the noise and maximise the results of your email marketing from day one. Specialists in content curation and the development of email marketing campaigns and strategies, we’re a full-service agency helping brands and businesses revamp their email marketing.

Our approach to Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand visibility, nurture leads, boost website traffic and keep your business front-of-mind (or front-of-the-inbox). Despite its proven track record, it can often be done poorly, and key prospects can be lost. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your email marketing strategy, or start completely from scratch – we’re here to help, every step of the way.

Your results are our priority
We understand how to leverage email marketing to produce real results; sending dynamic, engaging content based on a customers’ browsing activity and preferences. Whatever your goals and objectives for email marketing, we’ll help you identify and convert key customers, while tracking return on investment.
Nurture and convert leads
Emails can offer marketers a unique opportunity to curate a message and place it front-of-mind in a user’s inbox. With email marketing, you can track a prospect’s digital footprint with your brand, discover the content they’re engaging with, and craft better messages to drive key decisions - whether that be purchases or enquiries.
Land in your audience’s inbox
We’re here to make sure you never hit the junk mail. By analysing and maximising the health of your email list to crafting relevant, quality content and ensuring there’s nothing that could be pinpointed as spam, we make sure your emails land in inboxes and gain traction, always.
Analytics and data
We know that your email marketing should have specific, measurable goals - and every broadcast counts. By collecting data from your email marketing software, website analytics, social media metrics and more, we can provide a holistic overview of your email performance. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is essential for a successful campaign.
Audience management & segmentation
In today’s digital age, first-class customer service counts for a lot. That’s why we help organise your email marketing management and map different audience groups strategically to give you full control. By segmenting your lists in terms of customer group and customer intent, we ensure you’re always touching base with users at every crucial moment, from an inviting welcome email to a tempting abandoned cart email.

Why Us?

1. We are a team of skilled and experienced email marketers, focused on driving results through successful email marketing campaigns.
2. We may be LITTLE by name, but certainly not by nature, assisting in creating campaigns that standout in a sea of junk mail.
3. As a fully-integrated agency, we offer the perfect blend of insight, technical and design expertise to maximise your email marketing efforts.
4. We act as an extension to your team; offering advice and support from the beginning of the user journey right through to the end, and beyond.

Areas of Expertise

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers, creating meaningful conversations that drive success, whatever success may mean to your business.

Take a look at some of the things that go into our email marketing services, and see how we can help kickstart your campaigns or enhance your existing strategy:

Email Template Design
We create visually appealing, responsive and accessible email template designs that strengthen your brand and, ultimately, convert. Our designers are up-to-date with the latest email design trends, so we can create unique, engaging email templates that are carefully crafted with your customers and business’s goals in mind.
Email Marketing Campaigns
Whether your goals are based on traffic generation, encouraging brand awareness, nurturing leads towards a purchase or even upselling products to current customers, we’re here to craft and implement email marketing campaigns that work, so you can build and grow your business to whole new levels.
Email Conversion Rate Optimisation
We’ll optimise each element of your email campaign to ensure all broadcasts are timely, fit-for-purpose and visually appealing to your audience. We A/B test everything, from subject lines and body copy to email layout, increasing open rates and driving results that are relevant to your business - whether that be click-throughs to your site or increased sales.
Email Marketing Automations
Also referred to as ‘journeys’ or ‘flows’ - automations are powerful tools in the email arsenal that help nurture the customer experience. Whether you’re looking for a welcome journey for new signups, or recovering potentially lost revenue with personalisations or an abandoned cart, we’ll leverage automations to grow your business and drive revenue.
Creative Copywriting for Email Marketing
Start conversations that matter with your audience, with on-brand copy that’s tailored to your audience and brand purpose. From short, punchy subject lines to dynamic calls to action, we know that every single word counts. After all, if a user feels like opening your email was a waste of time, they’ll be less inclined to open the next one.
Personalisation & Segmentation
In a world where a little personalisation can go a long way, your customers want to feel like they are receiving a message just for them. Want to re-engage with dormant users or reward your VIP customers? Utilising strategic segmentation, we can identify key groups of customers, determining how best to connect with them at crucial touch points in their journey.

Our Process

1. Discovery

In our initial consultation, we'll discuss email marketing and how it could work for your business. We'll have further discussions about your goals and objectives - this will influence your overall strategy.

2. Strategy

Based on the goals and objectives highlighted in our discovery sessions, we'll build out a comprehensive email strategy that aligns fully with your business, taking into account the results of your current email ventures. We'll provide our recommendations for content types and develop an initial scope of work before our regular campaigns commence.

3. Design

The creative team will curate a bespoke email template, designed with your goals and objectives for email marketing in mind. To make your customer journey as seamless as possible, we also consider things like dark mode and content readability, great emails and a great user experience are always our priority.

4. Development

Once approved, we'll bring your template to life in your email software of choice. We're familiar with many email marketing softwares, including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, Force24, Hubspot, and Dotdigital.

5. Testing

Once your template is built in your chosen email software, we'll comprehensively test its performance across a host of devices and email clients, to ensure any issues are highlighted before we start broadcasting to your entire mailing list.

6. Sending

Our activity begins; we complete the initial scope of work (automation setups, list health) and establish a monthly schedule of planned broadcasts. As our work continues, we'll constantly test and optimise our broadcasts, to improve the experience for your customers from email marketing.


"Takes the brief and transforms it into something that matches the brand and our objective perfectly every time!"

David, Black Sheep Brewery

"We’ve had a really positive experience working with the team at LITTLE Agency thus far. Their creativity and efficiency in delivering projects to meet challenging deadlines has been nothing short of outstanding."

Oliver, Bioclad

"A fantastic group of guys. Very friendly and always happy to help offering great advice and excellent customer service."

Becky, Catalyst IT


What is email marketing?
A powerful channel, email marketing is the process of sending messages to (typically) large cohorts of people to promote your business or products, drive brand awareness, reward customer loyalty, share important company updates and more.
What email softwares do you use?
With years of experience, we’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise on many different email marketing softwares, from popular choices like Mailchimp and Klaviyo to more niche softwares like Hubspot and Dotdigital.
What are email automation flows?
It’s simple, email automation flows are emails that automatically send once triggered by time or user action. This way, you can personalise your messages to reach the right person at the right moment, such as welcome emails, birthday emails and abandoned cart messages.

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