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Three Reasons to be Cheerful: The Best Coronavirus Based Campaigns

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

So, don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 2020 has taken a real dive lately. Like, it’s REALLY hit a speed bump. A big ol’ coronavirus shaped bump.

People are scared, the media has gone haywire, and clicking onto any sort of social media is basically akin to pressing a giant button that says “please scare the sh*t out of me”. 

But, despite the MADNESS, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the tragedy amidst the human population. Why? Well, it’s because we are, quite surprisingly, a funny, generous and loving bunch, and we never shine brighter than when there’s a dark cloud hanging over all of us. 

It’s in our nature to be kind and to help others. Well, it’s in our nature to help immediately AFTER panic buying all the pasta, toilet roll, and hobnobs that you can get your thoroughly scrubbed, thieving little hands on, but STILL. The kindness of the average human will never fail to astound me. 

The same can be said for brands. For what are brands really, but groups of people under one singular banner? Brands can be incredible beacons of hope and generosity in times of crisis, and there are certainly some who have already risen to the challenge. 

We thought that we would honour these brands with a special shoutout, a LITTLE nod in their direction to say we see you, we all see you, you’re a top brand, mate. 

As such here are our three top brand reactions to coronavirus SO FAR. Oh and, brava brands, brava. 

Pret a Manger 

Pret a Manger announced the other week that they would give NHS staff free hot drinks, as well as a 50% discount on all other products, as recognition of the hard work and sacrifice being made by all NHS workers during the crisis.

The company announcement read “Thank you for everything you are doing… With love, everyone at Pret.

No no Pret – THANK YOU!

Of course, with restaurants, cafés and other non-essential businesses ceasing service, this offer is slightly null and void at this point, but still… It’s the thought that counts! 

Since Pret made this announcement, many other cafes and restaurants have followed suit, which while very positive, raises the question of shouldn’t we be treating our NHS workers with this sort of respect every single day, not just when a crisis hits?


Image: Daily Record


Another brand keen to show their support during the coronavirus pandemic is BrewDog. Famed for their craft beers and saucy devil-may-care attitude, it seems only right that BrewDog would don a bit of shining armour and step up to the plate. 

Naturally, they chose the manufacturing of hand sanitiser as their contribution to tackling the crisis. From one alcoholic liquid to another, just maybe don’t drink this one. 

The firm has dubbed their creation “punk sanitiser” and will be giving it away for free to those that most need it. Founder, James Watt commented that “We are determined to do everything we can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe,” as well as saying that they were “working around the clock on producing the first batch.”

We’ll drink/sanitise to that! 

Brew Dog

Image: The Guardian


We know, we know. This seems like a bit of a boring one. God knows we’re all sick of the thought of supermarkets. When you go, they’re empty, and when they’re not, there’s always some deranged couple sprinting wildly about, grabbing at anything tinned. I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe you, Nigel, 10 Fraybentos pies and a cart full of triple-quilt is definitely NOT on your usual weekly shopping list.

Regardless, the supermarkets have all taken notice and have started putting policies in place that both protect the vulnerable and prevent the crazy preppers from clearing the stores.

One that shines, in particular, is Sainsbury’s. 

Last week they announced that the first hour of shopping on Thursday was reserved for the elderly and the vulnerable, as well as giving those over 70 and those with disabilities priority access to online delivery slots. 

They are also expanding their “click and collect” service, as well as closing their cafes, fish, meat and pizza counters to free up capacity for products that serve a more pressing need to consumers. 

This sort of thoughtful and comprehensive response is exactly what is needed from supermarkets at such a time. As such, we think that Sainsbury’s more than deserves a place on our list.


Image: ITV News

Well, it’s not all bad now, is it? 

It seems, despite the madness, there are still some good people in this world.

The above is a mere handful of examples of brands that are putting their heads above the parapet and saying loudly, “Oi! We still care, you know!” And yes, we do know, we do. 

There’ll be many, many more incredible gestures to come, we’re sure of that, but for now, these are our choices. If you can think of any others that you believe deserve a spot in the top three let us know!

November, a LITTLE Roundup

Friday, December 6th, 2019

The month of November has been another busy one for the LITTLE team, but we’ve still managed to cram in: a (peppercorn) saucy photoshoot for Stockdales of Yorkshire, the launch of Eleventh Hour Beauty, two Bensons videos, and then we topped the month off with the construction of our very own in-office Christmas Grotto!

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details…

Stockdales photoshoot 

There were baubles, steak and gravy aplenty – and, no, that’s not a new addition to the menu – at the Stockdales of Yorkshire photoshoot in November. 

We snapped shots of their new menu alongside speciality Christmas dishes, mouth-watering Sunday roasts, desserts and festively dressed dining areas.

We walked away with some magical shots, and strangely full stomachs. Where did that Yorkshire pudding go? 

Beats me. 

Eleventh Hour Beauty launch

We launched the Eleventh Hour Beauty app and website in November with an event at Wynyard Hall in Stockton-on-Tees. 

The event was a huge success, with great turn-out from salons, hair and beauty businesses from across the North-East of England.

We don’t know which was better – hearing all about the revolutionary new way of booking last-minute hair and beauty appointments through the Eleventh Hour platform, from the CEO herself, Abigail Fletcher, or the generous amount of cupcakes. 👀


View this post on Instagram


We’re all set for tonight’s salon pre-launch event at Wynyard Hall! Are you joining us? Come and find out everything you need to know about Eleventh Hour Beauty! • • • • • #beauty #beautyapp #eleventhhour #event #launch #beautysalon

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Bensons Gas Engineering and Panels

We shot two separate videos for Bensons in November, one to showcase the gas engineering side of the business, and the other to promote their panels offering.

We focused on making the Bensons team appear as friendly and approachable on film as they are in real life in the gas engineering video, filming on an active, busy site for authenticity.

For the panel video, our focus was on the professional service that Bensons offer, being sure to display the technical expertise of the staff by filming at the Bensons factory. This way, we could show viewers all of the different areas of the panel building process.

The shoot was a success – even with the nippy winter weather! – and we gathered some fantastic footage that we can’t wait to show off after editing.

The LITTLE Grotto 

The approach to December gave the LITTLE team a BIG Christmas itch, so we decided to take action and stop waiting for the festive magic to come to us. Because as they say “If the Christmas won’t come to the studio, the studio will come to the Christmas.”

Or something like that.

We designed our very own studio Christmas grotto, complete with wooden cladding (fake), snow (fake), and a love of the festive season (very real). There’s a “no shoes, no shirt, no Santa hat, no entry” policy and Christmas music playing around the clock (fake).


In addition to our grotto, we also launched our LITTLE Charity Christmas Raffle, in aid of St George’s Crypt, to spread Christmas cheer to those less fortunate. So please get involved and enter for the chance to win some incredible prizes!


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Introducing… LITTLE’s Christmas Charity Raffle 2019! • Christmas is a wonderful time for many, but it can be easy to forget those who are less fortunate than us. • We’re trying to spread a LITTLE cheer this Christmas, by hosting a Christmas Charity Raffle in aid of @stgeorgescrypt, who do a remarkable job in supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Leeds. • Our lovely clients have donated some fantastic prizes that are sure to make great early Christmas presents – so please dig deep and get involved! • Click the link in our bio to find out more 🔝 ​• ​• ​• ​#OurCityWeCare #Fundraising #Cryptmas #charity #giving #stgeorgescrypt #charityevent #charityraffle #getinvolved #charityfundraiser #marketing #marketingagency #christmascountdown #raffle #santasgrotto #leeds

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Well, there goes another month for the LITTLE team. The end of 2019 is fast approaching, but there’s still December to go, so watch this space for more LITTLE achievements to come!

LITTLE’s Christmas Charity Raffle 2019

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Update: You helped us raise a fantastic £1100!

As much as we all love Christmas – the time of year for loving and giving, not everyone is lucky enough to spend this time gathered around the tree, opening gifts with friends and family.

This year, we’re hoping to give a LITTLE back to those less fortunate, by turning our studio into a grotto (yes, we’re serious!) and hosting a charity raffle in aid of St George’s Crypt.

We’ve had some fantastic prizes donated that are sure to make your Christmas extra special, so please dig deep and help us to make a difference for some of those who have nothing this year.

Raffle entries cost £10 per ticket, and you can purchase as many as you like! You can enter free of charge via our JustGiving page, or using PayPal. Please ensure you leave your full name for us to contact you. All prizes have been kindly donated to us, and ALL of the proceeds go to St George’s Crypt in Leeds. We will allocate one ticket to every £10 donation.

*Please note the draw is now complete and all prizes have been allocated*

Purchase your raffle ticket:

And the winner’s are…

Click here to watch the prize draw live video.

Click here to watch the prize draw live video.

St George’s Crypt:

St George’s Crypt supports the homeless and vulnerable people of Leeds by providing help, advice, food and shelter to those who need it the most. The charity makes a massive difference to hundreds of people each year, who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. We all know how bitterly cold and wet this time of year can be, and your £10 raffle ticket will help to give a little bit back this Christmas – providing hot meals, beds, clothing and hot showers to those less fortunate.

The Draw

The raffle will be drawn at 3pm on Friday 13th December, and prizes can be collected from our ‘grotto’ (yes – there’s a real one! It’s in our studio) in Leeds between 9 am Monday 16th and 12pm Friday 20th December 2019. Even if you don’t win, why not join us in the grotto for a mince pie or mulled wine in front of our (virtual) log fire? We’ll be playing non-stop festive tunes to get you into the Christmas spirit! Still don’t believe us? Check out this timelapse of how we transformed our regular meeting room into a grotto below:

Terms and conditions:

To enter our raffle, and be in with the chance of winning one of our amazing prizes, please donate £10 via Just Giving or PayPal and leave your full name and contact details. We’ll notify you of your raffle number by email or phone (as long as you leave your details), and also let you know if you’ve won any of the prizes above. We’ll make reasonable efforts to contact you if you’ve won a prize, but please note that all anonymous donations will be treat as direct donations to St George’s Crypt as opposed to raffle ticket purchases.

Purchase your raffle ticket:

Campaign Round-Up: June – AKA Pride Month/the ‘no-football’ edition

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

 Although Football has seemingly invaded every possible medium of advertising and marketing over the past month or so, this months campaigns round-up, will in fact, not focus on anything football or football-related. So, at this point, you will either check out because you came here’ looking for football-related-thing or where you exert a sigh of relief as there will be no more mention of the so-called ‘beautiful game’ from this point on.

June marks Men’s Health Month, which aims to focus on the broad scope of health issues that men face. Whether these are physical or mental issues, big or small, the significance of the month aims to get men talking to friends, families, colleagues and each other when they face health issues. In an attempt to remove the long-standing ‘stiff-up-a-lip-man-up’ toxic masculinity bullsh*** approach to men’s health, charities, pressure groups and brands have come together to encourage open-conversations and affirmative action. We had a look at some of the most prevalent men’s health campaigns in our previous blog, which you can read here.

Also during June, we celebrate Pride and all the inspiring, brave and down-right fabulous members of the LGBTQ+ community, in all their glory. Whether you consider yourself part of the community or not, it’s a great time to learn more about LGBTQ+ people, the stories behind the movement that is Pride and get involved in helping to make a difference in the world, for the better.

Pride in London: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The latest campaign for Pride in London takes a very real look at what it can be like being part of the LGBTQ+ community, including identity struggles, hate crimes, acceptance from family and many other issues, still faced by the community, focussing primarily on London and data derived from surveying the local community. Forty-six years since the very first London Pride, the organisation decided to highlight the wealth of challenges still faced by those within the community.

When speaking to LGBTQ+ people about their experiences and their daily challenges, it became apparent that although we have come so far and made such significant leaps, there is still such a way to go to reaching true equality and ensuring that LGBTQ+ people feel safe and accepted within the wider society. The Pride Matters survey revealed that despite marriage equality, nearly half of the London-based LGBTQ+ community had experienced a form of hate crime. In fact, hate crimes in London, have been increasing year on year, which has resulted in a 35% increase in reports of these crimes to the Metropolitan Police.

Pride in London: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Director of Marketing at Pride in London, Iain Walters said of the campaign “We need to take a stand and that’s what this campaign is really about. It’s about saying, things have improved, we’ve won a lot of battles but there’s a way to go because the experience of LGBT+ people is not entirely positive.”

Although many think of Pride as a big party and celebration, this campaign drives home that there are still significant improvements to be made in the ways in which society and the world views and treats LGBTQ+ people, not just during the month of Pride but all of the time.

Stonewall: Come out for LGBT

One of the most significant campaigns of the season was created for Stonewall, by the agency; Mr President. Launching as a cinema advert during Pride, the primary goal of the short ad was to encourage more people to be an ally and support the LGBTQ+ community. The black screen accompanied by the voice-overs likely represents the notion that allies shouldn’t be overly-acclaimed for behaving as such. With one of the key struggles in the LGBTQ+ community is establishing a voice and being heard, cis-gender and straight people should utilise their privilege in society to support and fight for the LGBTQ+ community, without the promise of recognition for doing so. 

Stonewall: Come out for LGBT

The campaign was supported by a digital collaboration with the Financial Times and the Stonewall website offers some great advice on how to be an ally. The content details some of the basics to support those in the LGBTQ+ community and goes on to highlight the importance of going beyond LGBTQ+ allegiance. The site highlights that standing up against all discrimination should be included in being an ally, which includes discrimination based on race, disability, socio-economic status, religion and more.

In continuation of the ‘come out’ message, the charity Partnered with Amazon to develop an Amazon Alexa skill to provide even more platforms for voicing the LGBTQ+ messages. Users can ask ‘Alexa, Ask Stonewall how I can come out for LGBT’, and Alexa will share stories from the community and offer advice on how they can lend support.   

In an attempt to rally further support, through education, behind the community, they utilised the virtual assistant to allow individuals to ask questions such as ‘what does the term transgender mean?’. Instead of referring to a definition found through search or a traditional dictionary, Alexa will refer to an aural LGBTQ+ dictionary developed by Stonewall which offers more informed answers. It will also point users towards resources to support them on a journey, asking ‘Alexa, am I gay?’ or similar existential questions, will prompt the voice assistant to direct the user to a range of supportive resources, created by Stonewall.


When IKEA collaborated with a group of Toronto drag queens for Pride Month, to create outfits from their product lines, the outcome was inevitably going to be a frenzied display of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

In a RuPaul’s Drag Race style challenge, each of the queens was tasked with creating a fashion-forward look using a different product including shower curtains, laundry bags, umbrellas and even lamps. This resulted in stunning content that took a new approach to use the IKEA product offerings to customise your life.

The campaigns were created as part of IKEA’s ‘Beautfiul Possibilities’ platform that aims to spotlight talent, inclusion and diversity. Head of Marketing at IKEA Canada, Lauren McDonald, said of the campaign “At IKEA, we believe in diversity and inclusion and want to celebrate the message of acceptance and self-expression that comes with Pride. Through the DRÄG campaign, we truly wanted to evoke the beautiful possibilities that exist when given the opportunity to be your true self.”

Did you catch our campaign round-up for May? Check it out here!

Men’s Health Month

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

In June, brands and charities around the world draw focus to the subject of men’s health, shifting the focus beyond one cause and looking at the broader picture in order to encourage more men to address health issues, speak more about their health and work with each other to emphasise the importance of self-care.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing number of charities devoted to various areas of men’s health, alongside brands becoming more actively involved in pushing focus onto the physical and mental health concerns that men face. From finding new ways to reach men such as utilising print media in social spots such as pubs to sculpture installations which encourage more open discussions around the topic of suicide, campaigns are becoming bigger, bolder and harder to ignore, disrupting day-to-day lives to increase awareness.

Time to Change: Be in Your Mates Corner

Launching in February 2017, Time to Change kicked off their five-year campaign entitled ‘Be in Your Mates Corner’, designed to encourage more men to be there for each other and look out for their friends. With 1 in 4 adults in the UK fighting a mental health problem, the campaign highlights the crucial need to support one another. The campaign aims to take a positive step in changing the way we talk and view mental health, following their research which reveals a persistent gap between the attitudes of men and women when it comes to discussing the issue. With men consistently demonstrating considerably less favourable attitudes towards discussing mental health, Time to Change aimed to utilise their knowledge of the barriers men face when opening up about the topic of mental health and utilising these to create campaign material that fuels healthy discussions and supportive friendships.

Time to Change: Be in Your Mates Corner

A short high impact film formed the focal point of the ‘Be in Your Mates Corner’ campaign, which featured three men who travel to their mate’s place of work to offer a bit of well-needed support during his time of need. One of the most important aspects of the video is the final shot of the ‘mate’ who is suffering after his mates have left. The man doesn’t suddenly erupt into a huge grin or burst into song, but exerts a sigh. This is important as it doesn’t create a false pretence of how support works and encourages ongoing discussions and encouragement that will ensure we help each other get through tougher times.

The film was supported by the distribution of physical reminders, such as beer mats which were adorned with phrases such as: ‘Is there a mate missing around this table? Reach out to him’ And ‘If your mates acting differently, it could be a sign of a mental health problem: Reach out, be yourself, do what you love together.’ After they were spotted by a Twitter user; carseatarmrest and posted to his feed, the discussion really took off, with people requesting more of these resources to distribute. The post accumulated 79k of retweets and 215k of likes.

CALM and F&F Clothing: #MarkYourMan

The charity known as CALM, most notably recognised for their work to raise awareness of male suicide, have teamed up with Tesco’s clothing brand F&F to urge people to ‘support your team, support each other and support CALM’. The latest campaign will run throughout the World Cup season and aim to highlight the contrast in men’s behaviour and willingness to demonstrate emotions in relation to sports, compared to everyday life. Featuring CALM ambassador Romesh Ranganathan and comedian Rob Beckett, the stars discuss football as a ‘good trojan horse’ for encouraging men to speak more openly with one another, peers, friends, colleagues and families when it comes to discussing their feelings.

CALM and F&F Clothing: #MarkYourMan

The last year has seen an increase in dialogue surrounding mental health and football, with an increase in questions raised around footballers expressing fear in regards to speaking out about mental health issues and noting hyper or toxic masculinity is one of the key drivers for silence prevailing.

However, in 2018, an increasing number of football-related entities got involved in promoting men’s health. This included the English Football League teaming up with Mind earlier in the year, ex-football star Nevil Southall supporting Eating Disorder Awareness week by speaking out about the issue and even the NHS utilising Football Manager 2018 to help them creator targeted advertisement promoting mental health awareness, which was mainly geared towards young men.

CALM: Project 84

CALM has been seriously busy, getting creative and breaking down barriers in order to make a serious difference in the public eye. The Project 84 campaign focussed on the topic of male suicide and titled as such due to the fact that 84 men in the UK take their own lives every week.

In order to present the shocking stats in the most effective way, to ensure that they could not be ignored any longer. In order to make people stop in their tracks and seriously pay attention, the charity teamed up with internationally renowned artist Mark Jenkins, alongside collaborator Sandra Fernandez, to create 84 individual sculptures. The creation of the sculptures was supported and contributed to by friends and family members of individuals who had taken their own lives.

With the support of Harry’s, producer of male grooming products such as shavers, CALM installed the 84 individual sculptures on top of London-based ITV tower. For a week the sculptures remained on top of the building, accompanied by the support of This Morning and three days of dedicated programming that covered the topic of male suicide. Clearly demonstrating the scale of the issue and with an aim to drive change, the campaign gained national coverage and pushed the public to come together in order to take suicide seriously.

CALM: Project 84 on This Morning

Movember Foundation: Unmute – Ask Him

Last year, suicide statistics reached a six-year low, which may have in fact spurred on even more campaigns to drive awareness and push for even lower stats in years to come. With men accounting for three quarters or all cases of suicide in the UK in 2016, for World Suicide Prevention Day 2017, Movember launched the ‘Unmute – Ask Him’ campaign.

The charity aspired to encourage more open conversations in relation to men’s mental health, through producing a number of videos which encouraged friends and family to ask the men in their life how they are feeling. By asking instead of assuming, a dialogue is opened up and allows men to become more aware of the support available to them when someone else starts the conversation.

Movember Foundation: Unmute - Ask Him

The collection of videos appeared as any other ad or YouTube video would with the content initially muted, with subtitles that presented as a relatively familiar ‘how-to’ video, including “how to make a soda can fishing rod”, and “how to fix a flat tyre”. When unmuted the spoken narrative did not reflect the subtitles and instead the men featured in the video spoke about feelings of low mood, uncertainty in what to do in relation to their mental health and discussing potentially reaching out to a helpline. This clever and simple tactic encourages life-changing conversations, opening up a dialogue and encouraging healthy and regular discussions about mental health.

One for the Boys: The Difference

If you truly want a message or tagline to stick, there is one sure-fire way to do it… get Samuel L. Jackson involved of course! That’s just what charity; One For the Boys, did to really make an impact. With a number of campaigns under their belt, ‘The Difference’ is designed to encourage men to address their physical health and visit the doctor when they begin to not feel right.

The story revolves around a man who ignores his symptoms until he eventually ends up in hospital in a critical state. The imagery also features his young daughter and arguments with his wife, encouraging individuals to address ill health for their own sake and the sake of their loved ones.

For a minute, the story is only accompanied by music, however, Samuel L Jackson kicks in with the hard-hitting statement; “Cancer waits for no man.” The voiceover encourages men to no longer put their head in the sand, under the presumption that the problem will go away. The use of a celebrity with such a memorable and significant voice is valuable in this campaign and makes it stand out from the crowd to really drive home the important message.

One for the Boys: The Difference

The Rebranding Review

Monday, May 7th, 2018

It’s been a very busy start to the year, seriously…. I don’t think we have ever witnessed so much great work coming out of the industry in such a short space of time. Rebranding is one that consistently comes up each week, with household names matching the likes of Google with straight, simple sans serif fonts (cough HSBC cough) and others completely changing the face of their brand. We have selected a handful that we think work particularly well and one that confused us all. We have also thrown in a marketing campaign towards the end that recently caught our eye and the attention of the entire industry.

The Field Museum

At the start of March and after almost two decades we were graced with a rebrand for Chicago’s Field Museum. Bringing a more in your face and bold identity to the table, the museum has completely changed its marketing direction and style to bring attention to the institutions bold commitment to furthering scientific understanding. Using bold typography and a powerful blue duotone, the institution now stands out as of the best museum rebrands I’ve ever seen.


American Express

One of the more subtle rebrands comes from Pentagram with the evolution of American Express’s recognisable ‘blue box’. Ditching the gradients for flat colours and introducing a responsive logo for use on social media platforms, Amex appears to have gone for a more performance-based change than one to merely update an old identity. Plus, with such a wide roll out across all media channels and products, the bold blue and simplified type from type designer Jeremy Mickel work so well together, providing an unmistakable identity seen across the globe.

Rotten Tomatoes

Pentagram strikes again, this time it was the turn of online film review giant Rotten Tomatoes. I personally have always found the RT logo to be bad… especially as it was portraying a site with such strong and highly regarded film reviews. Emily Oberman and her team tightened up the old 2001 logo with a new typeface, finally ditching that dated ‘clip art’ style tomato. With more of a selected colour palette and a clever use of negative space, this was one rebrand I have been waiting for since I was old enough to use the internet…

The Guardian

It’s always nice when something quintessentially British gets a bit of a makeover, especially when there is print involved. After a devastating financial year across the newspaper industry (£45m losses) The Guardian decided to change its visual offering with an updated identity and print process. Bringing in a new custom typeface and a reduced print sized paper ditching the costly Berliner presses for the Trinity Mirrors presses, the brand hopes to appeal to its readers new and old whilst cutting costs along the way. The typeface looks great, it’s well thought out and constructed, plus it looks perfect when used online and as a digital icon.


HSBC is another banking giant we have seen evolve its brand over the past year, this time with more of a subtle change compared to that of MasterCard’s the year previous. The serif font is gone… it’s a change we are seeing time and time again, brands are ditching the dated typefaces to simple, bold sans serifs. Google started it and since we have seen the likes of eBay, Santander, Gap and Lufthansa follow suit in simplifying their typography. I think it’s a very subtle change, most of the banks’ users won’t notice, but it makes sense to follow the herd when it comes to appearing that little bit more modern, especially in today’s banking industry.

Leeds United

Now…if you missed this travesty prepare yourself, it’s the Leeds United crest redesign. A prank gone wrong? A genuine attempt at a rebrand? Or a very clever PR stunt… you decide. The club released a new crest after six months of research and consultation with over 10,000 people, it’s safe to say it did not go down well… with anyone. Petitions, outcry and backlash followed the club for the next few weeks and we still don’t know what they were thinking, especially as the ‘crest’ was shortly available to download as a stock vector from Shutterstock. We just hope they didn’t pay a designer or agency thousands for it, but we will have to wait until 2019/20 for the updated badge after a delayed launch was announced in March.


We haven’t seen many charities update their identities recently, which was why it was kind of refreshing to see Battersea’s ident completely change and bring in new elements that work so well as the heart of the brand. With a family of watercolour shapes illustrated as different animal characters, it’s another great example of a responsive brand that steps out of the ‘consistency is key’ frame of mind. For those who don’t know what a ‘Responsive Brand’ is I can almost guarantee you’ve come across one in the past. They are basically brands constructed from a library of possible elements, combinations and colours, all mixed together in a number of combinations. A few great examples of this are NOW TV, Oi and Craft, all of which use multiple combinations to give their brand a sense of being ‘One of a Kind’. Whilst these present designers with so many options and variations in which to present a brand, it’s nice to see charities taking on responsive brands, it’s a great way to really stand out from the crowd and build an identity that can continue to grow & develop as the brand itself does. There is a great purpose behind that range of different shaped animals showing the charity will unconditionally care for any animal that comes through its doors. Along with a full rollout across all digital, print and shop items, the brand has dropped the phrase ‘Cats & Dogs Home’ to reinforce the fact that they are not a permanent home of these animals but that they are trying to find new, lifelong homes for them.

Magnum: Pleasure Marketing Campaign

Our final rebrand is the marketing campaign of Magnum, who switched from their classic photography lead campaigns to a completely illustrative one. Working with the Spain based agency LOLA MullenLowe they commissioned the illustrative skills of Thomas Danthony, to produce a range of images for their new ‘Pleasure’ advertising campaign. Using a simplistic colour scheme, the iconic Magnum ice cream silhouette is featured throughout, hidden within the smooth scenes. It’s nice to see Magnum heading down more of a fashion and stylised illustration route, perhaps trying to attract a larger market of ice cream consumers. It’s a wonderful campaign but I can’t help but think Malika Favre’s influence is plastered all over the artwork. Of course, there are always illustrators with similar styles out there in the market, but I think the industry changing work Malika has produced over the last few years has had a large influence on this female-led campaign. None the less we loved it, it’s effective, super simple and carries the brand strongly into new marketing terrain and hopefully more artwork like this.

2017: A year of meaningful campaigns

Monday, January 15th, 2018

2017 was a year of change. A huge shift in society and attitudes was inevitably going to have a knock-on effect on the way brands market to us. We saw a widespread adoption of digital innovation, with extra attention paid to video, which is now the favoured media across the global leading social media platform; Facebook. Through a snap general election, a new and tumultuous first year of the Trump presidency and huge shifts in ways of thinking thanks to societal movements, 2017 was a big year.

Heineken: Worlds Apart

With 2017 establishing itself firmly as a year of significant social and global change, we also saw a growing number of brands publicly supporting a specific cause or purpose. Brands have long shown their dedication to charity through sponsoring particular events or raising funds for the cause, however, in 2017, we saw many changes in the way society dictates how we treat one another, a topic that Heineken saw an opportunity to tackle in their campaign ‘Worlds Apart’.

The Head of Marketing at Heineken, Cindy Tervoort, claimed the campaign and ad were built following the insight “empathy, openness and tolerance are under threat”. Focussing in on our differences with one another when it comes to big conversations that are currently occurring, the advert featured pairings of people meeting for the first time. Within these pairings, we saw individuals such as feminists and anti-feminists, a transgender woman meeting a transphobic man and a climate change denier meeting an environmental activist – to name a few.

The people involved in the advert were paired with someone who expressed a polar opposite view to their own. The aim of this activity was to bring together these unlikely duos to find common ground – through several activities and sharing a beer. Although the brand approached the topic with good intentions, the ad was met with mixed reviews. Winning several awards in categories such as brand voice, strategic storytelling and business citizenship/corporate responsibility, alongside being well received at Cannes. However, some writers and critics claimed that this brand did not care about ‘social justice’ with the ad being pegged as a sale ploy rather than a purposeful pieced of marketing.

Heineken: Worlds Apart

Worldwide Breast Cancer: Know Your Lemons

The #KnowYourLemons campaign was designed to specifically work on Facebook, and transcend language in order to spread worldwide and boost awareness. With the general consensus around breast cancer cases being that lumps are the main symptom or sign, utilising the use of a household object allowed the WBC to demonstrate the 12 different signs that breast cancer could be present.

The campaign cleverly evaded any censorship rules by utilising lemons rather than an image of a breast itself, which could have limited the reach of the campaign and therefore depleted the efforts. The angle of the campaign took a lighthearted and humorous approach to an otherwise heavy subject matter, in order to break down misconceptions and fears of performing the regular checks.

The imagery created for the campaign acted as a gateway for users to access a microsite, specifically designed to offer more in-depth information and integrated a quiz which allowed users to establish their risk of breast cancer based on demographics, lifestyle choices and other attributing factors.

Know Your Lemons – Worldwide Breast Cancer

Royal National Institute of Blind People:  Channel 4 Ad Takeover

Rather than creating their own ad, the RNIB worked with Channel 4 to create a number of filters which offered viewers the ability to see what their visions would be like if they had a life-changing visual impairment. Before each new advert, the Channel 4 ident was used to present a new impairment and explain what this does to the eyes. The filter overlaid on the following advert would then get more and more intense to reveal effects of these ongoing conditions.

The ad break was also followed by another run of the filters and idents featured an audio-descriptive version, which demonstrates how visually impaired people rely on this service to understand the full extent of what others are able to see on screen.

This multi-sensory campaigns cleverly raised awareness for the charity, but also highlighted the importance of eye-care and likely promoted many of those living with symptoms, which they may have previously not associated with one of these conditions. For many of us, it can be difficult to truly understand the effects of living with one of these visual impairments, whoever, this campaigns demonstrated these in a very real way and boosted the importance of supporting the RNIB.

Royal National Institute of Blind People: Channel 4 Ad Takeover

State Street Global Advisors: Fearless Girl

When the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue appeared overnight in front of Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull’, the timing couldn’t have been more perfectly calculated. In celebration of International Women’s Day, financial advisory firm, State Street Global Advisors commissioned the creation of the 50-inch tall statue, created by Kristen Visbal.

With the triumphant statues created on what was described as a ‘shoestring budget’ and included no additional spend for paid media, the success of this simple but powerful imagery was palpable. Reporting on the campaign, SSGA reported $7.4 million worth of free marketing, 4 Grand Prix at Cannes and a total of 18 Cannes Lions. Not only did it draw in a significant amount of recognition, but also achieved its core objective promoting the one-year anniversary of the businesses ‘SHE Fund’. This funding is used to invest in businesses that have women in top leadership roles and aims to increase the number of women in c-suite roles. Three days after the unveiling, the business saw a 384% average daily increase in trading volume of the SHE Fund.

Social media went wild for the new Wall Street, gathering over 1 billion Twitter impressions within the first 12 hours of the implementation. The statue also made over 1,600 TV segments, amounting an audience number of 43.3 million in three weeks and appeared across over 215,000 Instagram posts in 12 weeks. The statue also spurred on a petition for the Fearless Girl to remain in her spot throughout 2018. Unfortunately, in October 2017, the company were revealed to be facing equal pay disputes, with the firm accused of paying hundreds of female executives less than male colleagues.

Fearless Girl – Reuters


Although not associated with a brand, the #MeToo movement was possibly one of the most significant and important social movements of 2017. Following the wake of numerous reports of Harvey Weinstein, and other high-profile Hollywood individuals, sexual harassment misconduct allegations, celebrities and members of the public took to social media to share their personal experiences. 

The phrase and hashtag had been long used by social activist, Tarana Burke. The community organiser created the phrase originally used across Myspace in 2006, which aimed to promote’ empowerment through empathy’, particularly amongst women of colour who had suffered sexual abuse. Her work primarily looked to improve the lives of women of colour within underprivileged communities. The inspiration for the phrase, Burke commented, came about during a conversation with a 13-year-old girl who confided in her, regarding her experiences of being sexually assaulted. Her later regret was that she wished she had simply told the girl, ‘me too’.

In October of 2017, actress Alyssa Milano adopted the use of the phrase to spread awareness of the ongoing issue of sexual assault. The movement encouraged both men and women, of all races, ages, genders to share their experiences or if they were unable to, know that so many others stood in solidarity with them. The movement revealed the sheer magnitude of the problem and resulted in many more women and men openly discussing their experiences.

With many brands choosing to get on board with social issues and push for a more practical approach to CSR, we will likely see more and more businesses aiming to do the same in 2018. However, we must remember that it is part of our responsibility as businesses and agencies, to remember that these social movements should not be used for profitable gain or to sell products. Brands must maintain the core objective of supporting those affected and making a real difference to the world.

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Our LITTLE charity events for 2017

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Since Red Nose Day is coming up we had a think about how we could contribute to a cause that we feel passionate about. We decided to pick The Brain Tumour Charity, as we felt they are making a real difference daily to people with brain tumours and their families. The Brain Tumour Charity fund pioneering research to increase survival, and raise awareness of the symptoms of a brain tumours. Plus they provide support for everyone affected to improve their quality of life. Additionally, due to Red Nose Day coming up we have also decided to give the money we make from that day to them as we feel the work they do positively affects a variety of people in need.

Here are a few things we are doing soon to help raise money for these charities…

Red Nose Day bake sale

This Friday we are hosting a bake sale at our studio. We are advertising the sale through posters made by Ellen and Matt (our designers) around our building. We intend to sell them all, however, we wouldn’t mind if something is left over for us to try!

National Walk to Work Day

On the 7th of April we welcome the National Walk To Work Day, initially introduced to encourage people to be mindful of their mental health. However, since quite a few of our staff live over an hour away (in a car) we decided to do a twist on the day. Instead, we are hiring a treadmill for the office and we are going to calculate the amount of miles each of our journeys would take collectively, and work together to get through the miles.

We feel this is going to be a great way to raise some money for The Brain Tumour Charity!

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Here at Little we are an active bunch and decided there would be no better way to raise money than to walk the 3 peaks in Yorkshire. The peaks included are Pen-y-Ghent (694 metres), Whernside (736 metres) and Ingleborough (723 metres). This is a 24-mile long route which includes a 5,200ft ascent. We have an aim to do it in less than 12 hours as you then receive a certificate!

If you would like to sponsor us for any of these events please click here! Anything is appreciated and we thank you for doing so.