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Leeds University Union


The Leeds Ball serves as a culmination of all of the life-changing experiences that students have had during their time in the city. It simply HAS to be a night to remember! So, when Leeds University Union came to us to create a vision for 2018’s showstopper event, we embraced our youthful side to construct a marketing campaign to last in the memory.

Leeds University Union is renowned for putting on remarkable shows for their students. For many, this event is the last opportunity to celebrate their best years shared with newfound friends for life, before embarking on new adventures. So, how do you take a full student experience and squeeze it into one huge party? You come to LITTLE, of course!

We were tasked with everything. From creative posters and photo shoots to Snapchat filters and directional signage, they wanted it all. Fortunately, a job description like this is what gets us out of bed in the morning, so it didn’t take long before our campaign started to take shape, a campaign that aimed to resonate with all of the different styles that the students of Leeds wear proudly on their sleeves each year.

Being a student is all about finding yourself and shaping your future path. This stuck with us immediately, and thus our ‘Cause a Stir’ theme was born. This was reflected in our design choices, where subjects were able to disrupt their surroundings and engage with the design elements. We encouraged attendees to embrace their inner personality and bring it to the forefront, something consistent throughout the entire campaign.

Our bold design and engaging social media work encouraged students to cause a stir at the event, and that’s precisely what they did, as the results showed. Selling out in just 24 hours, 2018’s Ball went down as one of the fastest selling Leeds University Union events over the past decade, and with a reach of over 184,000 on the event’s official page, it’s safe to say that we pulled it off. Of those who attended, 60% viewed our promotional digital assets on Facebook, and 40% noticed our posters and digital screens around campus.

To play such a big part in the singular event that marks the conclusion of so many people’s time in Leeds is something we will always treasure and be proud to be associated with. We’ve been able to show to the 6,000 attendees, as well as many more that dedicated time and effort into making the Ball a success just how capable we are at bringing momentous events to life through our innovative services.

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