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E3 2018: Review

New trailers and game announcements are not just confined to the press conferences and the following floor show; they run across weeks before and even after, keeping the momentum going and inspiring us all to reconsider our expenses for the next 12 months.

Bethesda stoked the flame prior to E3 this year, with that day-long live Twitch stream of the instantly recognisable ‘PLEASE STAND BY’ screen and a Vault Boy bobblehead, which racked up around two million unique views. The stream was pretty uneventful, with the several minimal occurrences including Bethesda employees adorning various merch from the developer’s titles and who would interact with the bobblehead or introduce new props to the simple set-up. The video concluded with Todd Howard, Director of Bethesda Game Studios, reminding us all that we had wasted a hell of a lot of time staring at nothing before the minute and a half teaser trailer for Fallout 76 premiered.

Bethesda: Fallout 76 Announcement


Kicking off the press conferences was EA, bringing the usual sports-filled addition to this years E3. The initial reactions to the press conferences were nothing to write home about, unfortunately, with many hailing the organisation of the show for putting what could be the dullest show at the helm, to make way for bigger and better things later in the week. This is definitely circumstantial, if you’re big into your sports gaming then EA could almost definitely be the highlight of your whole week.

We got an insight into the upcoming Battlefield V, with resounding cheers at the in-demand ‘battle royale’ experience that will come with the game. The multiplayer demonstration revealed spectacular environments and a diverse range of characters – an element which has faced backlash online due to the inclusion of playable female characters within the storyline of the single-player campaign and multiplayer combat. The single player campaign preview was later unveiled during Microsoft’s conference and focused on a female resistance fighter in Norway, destined to pay a terrible price in order to save her family from danger.

Battlefield V

The unjustified and completely bizarre negativity in response to recognition being given to the women who served in World War II in a Battlefield game was quickly shut down by DICE boss, Oska Gabrielson. Defending the choice to include a diverse range of playable characters within the fifth instalment of the game, Gabrielson stated “First, let me be clear about one thing. Player choice and female playable characters are here to stay. We want Battlefield V to represent all those who were a part of the greatest drama in human history, and give players choice to choose and customize the characters they play with.” Also, at the end of the day, it’s just a game… none of it is ‘realistic’.

Further EA news included a new Star War’s entry form Respawn named Jedi: Fallen Order, where players will be playing as lightsaber swinging Jedi’s during ‘the dark times’. The new instalment will be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, during a period where the Jedi’s are being actively hunted, however, we’ll have to wait at least a year and a half to get our hands on it, as it has been slated to release holiday of 2019. Other news included Ravel 2 (out now), Fifa 19 (of course), Sea of Solitude and Command & Conquer Rivals – finishing with the much-hyped RPG – Anthem.

Remember Mass Effect Andromeda? Remember how excited we all were for that? And remember how it turned out to be an intergalactic s**tshow which disappointed on every level, was broken beyond belief and pretty much shouldn’t have been released?

Okay maybe that was too harsh, but it did suck and failed to deliver on so many levels particularly following Dragon Age Inquisition, which was a pretty solid game and as the three year MEA predecessor, there was no excuse for the poor graphics, a multitude of bugs, terrifying, soulless character faces and sub-par storyline. Now BioWare is hoping to redeem themselves by learning from all those mistakes and offering up Anthem in place of the 2017 flop.

With not even a year of release under its belt, BioWare pulled content updates for Andromeda in August of last year, which pretty much was the studio admitting that there simply wasn’t the audience to justify the work, instead they decided to put all their efforts into Anthem, taking lessons they had learned and sinking their all into the next title.

After the presentation of Anthem, studio boss, Casey Hudson, made a point of highlighting the improved facial animations (let’s face it, anything would be an improvement on those haunting ghouls from MEA), whilst also making a point that some of the things shown in the video were simply ‘only implied’… At this point, it’s better for any fans waiting for, what is being called ‘Gears of Destiny’, to simply hang fire with quiet optimism that the studio has, in fact, learned their lesson and we won’t be subjected to another poor excuse of a game come February 2019.



With only three press conferences under their E3 belt, Bethesda is quickly becoming the one to watch, and 2018 was absolutely no exception. Opening with a heart-warming, culture-heavy video that pays homage to the talent behind the creations, Bethesda remind us all that behind every fantastic game developer is a brand that nurtures their staff and fosters creativity and innovation.

After the Walmart Canada leak concerning Rage 2, Bethesda clearly felt the need to amp up the stage demonstration and what better way to do this than enlist the help of iconic ’Party-Harder’; Andrew WK. Fresh from a weekend at Download Festival, on the opposite side of the world – Andrew WK stepped out in his trademark off-white ensemble to get the crowd amped up for Rage 2. Sadly, the majority of the crowd didn’t seem overly excited but WK’s enthusiasm was nothing short of what you would expect from the showman.

Rage 2

The Rage 2 trailer and gameplay demonstration was an explosive, loud and colourful glimpse into the dystopian wasteland narrated by lead character Ranger Walker. The gameplay focused on a mission through a space centre to recall an orbital seed pod, offering some awesome displays of elaborate weapons and combat which see’s enemies blown to bits, eviscerated, sliced into pieces and downright marmalised. The game even included a brief cutaway to an advert for the collector’s edition of the game, which features a horrifying ‘singing bass’ style talking head, aptly named Ruckus the Crusher. The disturbing wall-mounted head is voiced by none other than WK and sings a spectacularly gruesome, off-key song whenever desired – it’s exactly what your lounge needs.

The long awaited ‘Starfield’ was teased with a very brief trailer that left everything to the imagination, leaving us knowing no more than we did previously, besides confirming that it was a real game. Considering all we’ve had to go off is speculation since the news leaked about Bethesda filing the patent for the name ‘Starfield’ back in 2016, this is pretty damn exciting.


Another instalment of Wolfenstein will be landing in 2019, which springs forward in the timeline to 1980 and is set in Paris, under the grip of the Nazi regime. Focusing on a storyline that follows BJ and Ana’s twin girls, we caught a small glimpse of the successor to the widely acclaimed Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, titled Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Keeping with the theme of eliminating Nazis, the developer also divulged that they would be releasing a new VR focussed game named Wolfenstein Cyberpilot. Due out in 2019, few details were actually released apart from the fact that you will play as a resistance hacker, who utilises their skills to.. Yup you guessed, absolutely annihilate Nazis through means of hacking their machinery. Bethesda noted that they wanted to utilise as many platforms to really drive home the message ‘f**k Nazis’. Amen.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Doom Eternal was teased with a quick trip across a demon inhabited wasteland and the promise of twice as many demons and even more firepower coming with the latest addition to the franchise.

Doom Eternal

Following the success of the 2016 reboot and the unforgettable gameplay preview at E3 2015 – I don’t think any of us will soon forget the protagonist being beaten to death with his own detached arms, by a Revenant demon – We will likely have to wait until E3 2019 for more details, unless Bethesda offer more insight at the likes of Gamescom or QuakeCon, later in the year. Bethesda also announced that Quake Champions will be released later this year, as well as previewing some pretty sweet DLC for Prey, entitled; Mooncrash. Well, who doesn’t’ want more space?? The latest addition to the highly rated reboot was released during E3 and is set on a fallen Moonbase. Playing as a hacker; Peter, who is safely up in an orbiting satellite, you utilise a VR system that simulates the experiences of five characters on the base, in order to try to figure out how the whole place fell into despair…

Prey: Mooncrash DLC

Fallout 76 dominated the majority of the press conference, presented by Todd Howard, we were offered a whole load more information the new multiplayer addition to the franchise. A small amount of gameplay alongside awe-inspiring visuals of the expansive map that is set to be four times the size of Fallout 4.

Fallout 76

Set in West Virginia, Todd made a point that the new online multiplayer title doesn’t actually have to play as such – which is great news for all of us who don’t have mates or who support the whole ‘save the single player game’ movement… whichever. Todd did a good job of guiding the audience through the various mechanics of the game, supported by cute Fallout-style mini trailers, featuring vault dwellers to highlight the key components of the gameplay and demonstrating how the mechanics of crafting, relationship building and creating outposts will work. They also threw in nukes for good measure… and the best bit? We only have to wait until November 2018 to get our hands on it.

Fallout 76 Gameplay

Finally, Elder Scrolls related news, obviously the most important. With seemingly minor additions scattered through the conference, including an update to Elder Scrolls Online, which given does look fantastic but when this has already been announced prior, it’s not as exciting. The online card game, Legends, is getting a graphics overhaul… so that was it. I played this at EGX a few years ago (mainly to be entered into a Bethesda draw for a Fallout snowboard) and it was alright once you understand the rules, but pitting it against the likes of Fallout and the rest is almost cruel. In more interesting news, Elder Scrolls: Blades is a mobile game that looks to be pretty interesting and could be the new way to spend your morning commute – who wants to learn a new language or read a book anyway?! The new mobile game allows you to play through ‘beautifully-rendered, console quality environments’ with powerful magic, tonnes of gear, skills upgrades and the epic fantasy battles every Elder Scrolls fan has come to know and love.

Elder Scrolls: Blades

The final trailer could be the biggest announcement, possibly of E3, mainly because everyone has been asking about it for years and developers have continuously said, it’s so far away. Well, the official announcement of Elder Scrolls VI doesn’t mean that it’s still not so far away, but it does mean it’s confirmed and we are now in position to increasingly demand more and more information over the course of the next year until E3 2019 hits and we see something resembling a cinematic trailer (we hope), and so on in the similar fashion until it’s released in 2+ years, most likely in line with the next gen of consoles. Yup, that seems like the reasonable and rational actions of a sane person, well we are gamers, after all, reasonable and rational are not always in our vernacular. Anyway, here is one of the most exciting and equally infuriatingly short trailers that you’ll see for a while.

Elder Scrolls VI


2018 was a good year for Microsoft at E3, revealing some pretty significant and phenomenal releases, from teasing the highly anticipated, next Halo release ‘Halo Infinite’, Gears of War 5, Cyber Punk 2077, Devil May Cry 5 and Dying Light.

With Devil May Cry 3 director, Hideaki Itsuno, returning for the fifth release in the franchise, the debut demonstrated that the next instalment will be spectacularly over the top, with plenty of flair and everything we expect from the series. Developed internally by Capcom, DMC5 will feature Nero, the primary character from DMC4. According to the press release “Years have passed since the legions of hell have set foot in this world, but now a new demonic invasion has begun, and humanity’s last hope will rest in the hands of three lone demon hunters, each offering a radically different playstyle. United by fate and a thirst for vengeance, these demon hunters will have to face their demons if they hope to survive. The devil you know returns in the most over the top, technically advanced, utterly insane action experience of this generation.” The title is pegged for a release before March 2019 and looks to be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Devil May Cry 5

With the speculations proving true, Dying Light 2 was debuted during Microsoft’s 2018 conference. Although the initial reveal showed pretty much no zombies, pegging humans as one of the key threats in the day-time, the next instalment to the franchise looks to make the narrative so much more present and important than the original. In a post-apocalyptic world, all decisions have a consequence and set about to emphasize the story side of the game more than ever before. Coupled with ergonomic parkour that will be affected more heavily by stamina this time around, alongside combat and sprint, the game is designed to enforce a more strategic and considered approach to movement and make the game overall more challenging.

Dying Light 2

Fora Horizon 4 was also revealed and is going to bet set in none other than Great Britain. Does that mean you’ll be sat in queues on the M5 for most of the game, as you gradually become more and more enraged? Only time will tell.

The first gameplay trailer for Gears of War 5 debuted and revealed that the game will focus on Kait’s journey of discovery on a personal mission, as she struggles with strange visions. Gears 5 is set to focus on the continued conflict and will home in on the larger aim of the Swarm and the two human factions looking to team-up to stave off the growing threat. We won’t have long to wait to find out more, with the title set for release in 2019.

Gears of War 5

Although the announcement of a new Halo instalment will likely be met with mixed reactions, many of us still wait with bated breath to see if the franchise can ever return to the glory days of Bungie. Although it’s highly unlikely, the cinematic trailer showed vast landscapes and varied terrain, teasing a potential open-world approach to the next game, so will 343 finally pull it out of the bag this time? Of course there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with Halo 4 and 5, however, the general consensus was that they were just not as exciting and well executed as their predecessors and with so much to live up to with Halo 3 being probably one of my favourite games of all time, it was unlikely that a new studio could ever hold a candle to that expectation. It looks like we’ll probably have to wait until next year to even find out where the next title is heading.

Halo Infinite

Metro Exodus, which previewed last year, revealed an open-world, survival shooter, set in a vicious wasteland, that looks to be pretty ruthless in its approach. Set for release on the same day as Bioware’s, Anthem, we’ll only have to wait until February 2019 to get our hands on this one.

Metro Exodus

Fresh from the studio that brought us our beloved Dark Souls, comes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, an action game that focusses on lead character Sekiro, also known as the one-armed wolf. With many of us anticipating FromSoftware to reveal Bloodborne 2, following on from the teaser revealed at The Game Awards 2017, we were pleasantly surprised by the unveiling of the Samurai instalment. Armed with a bony left arm that looks to contribute to the traditional range of arsenals such as katanas, bows and shuriken, we also see the lead protagonist utilising a grappling hook to move around the gorgeously designed world as well to assist in dealing damage to enemies. Although we have no official release date, we’re expected to see this launch in 2019.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Kingdom Hearts III is a highly anticipated title that by all rights could have redeemed the Square Enix presentation if they hadn’t have allowed Microsoft to preview the gameplay the day before. After so much waiting, we’re finally getting the sequel we’ve been crying out for, with loads more Disney characters to meet and worlds to explore, we’ve seen bits and pieces of the new Kingdom Hearts title over the past few years. Microsoft primarily debuted one of the brand new worlds, straight out of Frozen, complete with Oluf and Elsa; however, we’ve also seen also seen snippets that include Traverse Town and the favourite fan Coliseum. Sora, Donald and Goofy will all soon be exploring a whole bunch of new worlds and meeting new characters, from Disney hits such as Pirates of the Carribean, Tangled, Monsters Inc and Toy Story, and it only took about 13 years to get a proper sequel.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Other announcements included a follow up to indie-hit Ori and The Blind Forest, in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, an update for Sea of Thieves, PUBG is getting a new map pretty soon and Jump Force, a new anime arena fighting title that bringing together four franchises; Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Death Note, in a 3D brawl. Cuphead is getting a new playable character and a couple of new enemies and bosses to battle it out, Battletoads was announced for Xbox, with the franchise returning next year for a brand new instalment and Terry Crews yelling a whole lot, in the brand new trailer for Crackdown 3.

Finally, fans of The Witcher studio; CD Projekt Red, will be pretty pumped to finally get a trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. Although the veil has been lifted, we still don’t know much about it, but what we can glean from the dystopian backdrop, punk-stylised characters and brutal montage of violence is that we should probably expect a high-quality RPG open world gameplay offering a plethora of compelling stories. If Witcher 3 was anything to go by, this one is going to be another life-consuming title that we’ll be unable to put down; unfortunately, there is no confirmed release.

Cyberpunk 2077

Square Enix

Sadly, Square Enix didn’t bring their A-game with them this year, with a reasonably lack-lustre performance with just a couple of gems that averaged out at a sufficiently mediocre show. Kicking off with one of the most exciting gameplay demonstrations, was Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with the franchise reboot continuing to grow in brutality and demonstrate Lara’s journey into becoming a fully fledged raider of tombs and all-around badass. The increased capabilities of sneaking look like they’ll come in handy up against an increasingly tougher Trinity, alongside all the dangers lurking in the deep jungle. The story looks to centre around stopping an apocalyptic event, namely Lara setting this in motion while simultaneously trying to prevent it from happening, resulting in the death of scores of innocent individuals. The game is set to take place, at least in part, in Mexico and if it is anything like its predecessors; Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, it will provide a wealth of adventure, exceptional combat and breathtaking maps to explore.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If you love action games, chances are Just Cause is up there on your list of favourites. With Just Cause 3 still reasonably fresh in our minds, with its outrageous gameplay and over-the-top mechanics, fans of the franchise will be happy to see the return of Rico in a new adventure set in the fictional South American country, Solis. The map is slated to be bigger than ever before and offers boosted dynamics and even more destruction, which is great for those who loved to pretty much annihilate everything around them. The grappling hook was one of the core focuses of the presentation and has been upgraded massively to include more tethers to allow players to get even more creative with it this time around. Also, the weather looks to be absolutely mental in JC4, with the preview showcasing blizzards, tornados, sandstorms, lightning and other crazy elements which make gameplay, more challenging than ever before.

Just Cause 4

A few other features included a new trailer for Final Fantasy’s XIV ‘Under the Moonlight’ update, a new trailer for Dragon Quest XI, a glimpse into Octopath Traveler, a teaser for Babylon’s Fall which is safe to assume to be an action game and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit which is pegged to connect to Life is Strange 2.

It’s safe to say that Square Enix may have sold away a fair amount of their hype by allowing Microsoft to show Kingdom Hearts 3 within their showcase the day before, removing some of the excitement from what is one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year, with fans waiting over 10 years for the next proper instalment of this beloved franchise.


Once again Ubisoft opens their show, showing that they are still super extra and over the top, with a full dance number lead by a sassy panda and accompanied by a brass bane and a whole host of colourfully dressed dancers. This is the part so many of the introverts in the audience dread, and even sat on your sofa at home you know that this, all in aid of Just Dance, is so super unnecessary because the majority of the people watching aren’t the target audience for Just Dance and just when you think it’s over.. Nope, the band start up again and everyone starts pulling moves that you expect to see at an epic street dance battle.

We awkwardly transition into Beyond Good and Evil 2, a prequel to its 2003 predecessor and alongside a presentation which seemingly answers only a few of our questions, such as multiplayer and single players modes. Oh and Joseph Gorden-Levitt cropped up briefly to plug his production company HitRecord, which uses crowdsourcing and seemed sort of shoehorned in and kind of uncomfortable. The new trailer looked pretty cool, and the small amount of gameplay shown looked intriguing but with some way to go, and the fact we still haven’t got a release date pretty much backs up that this far, far, far from finished.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Even though Ubisoft swore down they were going to stop reeling Assasins Creed games out every year; we now have Odyssey landing in October 2018. This startlingly quick turnaround, considering the show was full of pre-alpha footage, followed on from the refreshing and well-received Assasins Creed Origins last year. However, on closer inspection Odyssey offers a seemingly identical mechanic to 2017’s instalment, it can only be presumed that this entry is a reskin of last years release. Despite this, the gameplay looks pretty solid although many of you long-serving AC fans who remember the ship battles from Black Flag might not be so impressed with AC:O. Yep, they brought it back, the thing that literally no one asked for and that dulled what was a pretty solid game. We were all concerned about the possibility of these making a comeback in Origins, but it seems that Ubisoft threw caution into the wind once again with this one. Besides this, the story looks to contain no actual Assassins… Furthermore, it’s set before the Brotherhood was even established, so that could mean we are looking at the beginning of the Templar Order. Armed with the broken Spear of Leonidas (an ancient artefact famously wielded by the King of Sparta in the battle of Thermopylae) it seems like a strong possibility teamed with the favoured red garb, that the characters could turn out to be none other than the first of the Templars.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

Maybe you did, in fact, enjoy the naval battles from AC: Black Flag and the rest, if that is the case, then boy, will you will you love Skull & Bones. The new title that offers large-scale open-seas action likely released to compete with Sea of Thieves. A brand new sequel to Trials, currently available in beta and named Rising will be landing early in 2019 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas is launching across Xbox PS4 and Switch in October this year, alongside expansions and DLC for Mario+Rabbids and For Honor. The publisher also released further details of VR experience game; Transference, a game created by Ubisoft and Elijah Wood that has been pegged for release in Autumn of this year and looks to plant itself within the psychological thriller genre firmly.

Finally, following the original release in 2016, The Division is now getting it’s very own sequel with a plethora of DLC that will be released throughout its first year, already confirmed. The Division 2 was first announced back in March; however, the publisher had failed to share many details on the project besides establishing the studios involved. Arriving in March 2019, The Divison 2 will be set in Washington DC, seven months after the original deadly virus was released in NYC, with players battling enemy factions to reclaim to capital.

The Division 2


Sony often deliver at E3 but this year was definitely a game of two halves – on the one hand, they showed us some phenomenal gameplay footage from Last of Us: Part II, an extended trailer from the highly anticipated next big thing from Kojima; Death Stranding, however, we failed to see many new entries to get our blood flowing.

Always one for the theatrics, Sony began their conference set in a replica ‘community church’ which was shown in The Last of Us: Part II footage, and ahead of the actual reveal was a solo performance on a mandolin. We were treated to a glimpse into Ellie’s life, five years on from the first installment of the game and staying true to the DLC content, the intro video to the gameplay shows Ellie with her recent love interest and to the much shock and horror of people on the internet (recognise a theme here?) this is a woman. For anyone that actually played The Last of Us DLC (c’mon you’ve had a good few years) you will know that the lead protagonist, Ellie, actually began a close friendship/relationship with a girl, so taking the story in this direction is completely canon with the previous game. Anyway, the gameplay shown demonstrated our young heroine infiltrating a gang camp who is first introduced as brutally gutting a strung up prisoner. After this we see some dynamic sneaking, utilising the environment and taking up the bow and arrow once again to fight her way through this gang of thugs who are all armed to the teeth and ready for a throwdown. Closing with Ellie taking a machete to the lead thugs throat, everything from the sneaking and up-close bow and arrow attacks to the quick time events make sense, and we can’t wait to see the rest, and although we didn’t actually see Joel, we can see his survival skills and influence all over Ellie’s savage, considered, smart and all-around killer moves.

The Last of Us 2

The whole crowd then had to shift to a more significant, less intimate and more practical auditorium for the rest of the presentation. The atmospheric initial setting was pretty cool but it did somewhat set a false precedent for the rest of the show – seriously, shifting the whole crowd into an entirely different venue must have been a bit of a pain for those in attendance?

Sony wowed the crowd with not one but two trailers for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, fresh of the back of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Stunning fans with the announcements and a taste of an electrifying retelling of a fan-favourite within the survival horror game genre, the game is slated for release at the beginning of 2019.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Nioh 2 as announced with just a glimpse of what fans could expect from the next instalment, with Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja revealing very little about the game. However, director; Fumihiko Yasuda noted that the implementation of character creation is being brought in due to fan feedback as a hotly requested feature after the launch of its predecessor. This feature will allow players to build their character as any race or any gender.

From the developers of Alan Wake and Max Payne, Remedy previewed their upcoming action title; Control. The trailer focuses on the main character, Jesse, who appears to have a mixture or telekinetic powers teamed with gun skills, which when teamed together make for some pretty mind-blowing gameplay and some creative ways to approach and take-out enemies.

Due out in September 2018, the highly anticipated Spiderman game made a comeback this year during Sony’s E3 conference, swinging in to take on Electro, Rhino, Scorpion plus a whole bunch of other villains who are running amock in maximum security prison; The Raft. The presentation took a deep dive into demonstrating the combat dynamic and likely sets up the future events within the game, with the worst of the worst now running amock in New York City. Leveraging their traversal mechanic skills from games such as Sunset Overdrive, Insomnia look to grace us with a game that focuses on combat strategy, acrobatics combo-based beatdowns and web-slinging gadgets galore.

We finally got a release date and new trailer for the highly anticipated open-world zombie adventure, PlayStation exclusive; Days Gone. The trailer includes an insight into all the things that will want to rip you limb from limb in the game – which is basically everything. People are feral – or dead – and even the wildlife appears to be infected, coupled with the immense hordes we caught a glimpse of in the gameplay shown at the Sony presentation last year, next February can’t come soon enough.

Days Gone

Sucker Punch brought out the big guns, debuting gameplay for the forthcoming Ghost of Tsushima, a surprise instalment but a very welcome one. With stunning gameplay and an art style that is perfectly crafted to fit the location and fluid samurai sword battles, the protagonist utilises slick movements gliding effortlessly through the environment to dispatch enemies. Definitely, one to look out for… when we eventually get a release date.

Ghost of Tsushima

Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games and we’ve been intrigued since the initial teaser’s release by mastermind Hideo Kojima, back in 2016. With bits and pieces of stories that may not completely make sense to us at this point in its development, we were treated a fair amount of exposure to Norman Reedus’ character journey across a barren planet, looking like a lost Deliveroo driver, overladen with a huge backpack. The demonstration only fuelled the interest and still with no release date even teased, we may have to wait until PlayStation Experience in December to see and hear more about the title. We’ll let the trailer speak for itself with this one…

Death Stranding


Closing out the press conferences for the week, Nintendo took to the stage with the colour and frivolity that we only expect from them. With a primary focus on Super Smash Bros, Nintendo may have fallen short against some of the previous presentations, peppering in a few other announcements for good measure.

There was lots of focus on the Nintendo Switch, as should have been expected, which included Super Mario Party, which will now allow users to link their switches together to create a joined-up screen. Fire Emblem, will arrive with the title of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, debuting on the Switch in Spring 2019 while Hollow Knight was announced to be available on Switch straight away.

One of the favourite announcements was confirmation that world-conquering and life-destroying; Fortnite, was immediately available to play on Switch. This means you can now be anti-social AND leave the house, taking the battle royale earth-shatteringly popular game with you wherever you go…

Fortnight on Nintendo Switch

Your excitement for the Nintendo conference will probably hinge on the Super Smash Bros, with the storied crossover fighter offering an all-encompassing roster of characters. The game is set to feature every single character from every Smash game to date and will, yet again, allow you to take on eight-player battles. Compatible with a GameCube controller (the preferred input method for most players) the game will be compatible with all Ambiios and allows players to transfer FP data from their previous games.

Super Smash Bros

Hey, at least we weren’t subjected to the same treatment as last year, where Miyamoto and Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot celebrated the Nintendo/Ubisoft crossover Mario+Rabbids announcement by taking part in that uncomfortable and awkward pretend blaster fight…

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