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Campaign Round-Up: April

Mcdonalds: Weather-reactive boards

Is there anything more British than talking about the weather? McDonald’s took the opportunity to jump on the current fluctuating temperatures and all-around unpredictable ‘British Summer’ to create these weather-reactive boards. Turning well-known McDonald’s menu favourites into weather icons, including an unwrapped burger as a sun and an up-ended box of fries as rain, resulted in a week of tasty forecasts and an innovative outdoor campaign.

Maltesers: Celebrating Similarities

No stranger to the inclusive advertising world, Maltesers have done it again with their latest ads which aim to tackle a gender imbalance in advertising. Following on from their hugely successful ‘look on the light side of disability’, the latest iteration highlights misrepresented women, tackling taboo subjects over casual conversations. Featuring a collection of women across different demographics, the ads entitled ‘Powerpoint’ and ‘Accountant’ are a breath of fresh air in a world where inclusive advertising still often borders on ‘tokenism’ and fulfilling ‘quotas’ rather than achieving accurate and fair representation for everyone.

Maltesers: Celebrating similarities

Channel 4: Two Tribes

Gender conversations have never been more prevalent. As a society, we’ve moved beyond the traditional idea of two-genders, which had previously resulted in people feeling as if they do not belong and causing issues in finding a safe place within society.

In 2018, we now see an increasing number of people in the public eye representing a whole range of genders, beyond ‘male’ and female’, which in turns allows them to be a truer representation of how they see themselves. Britain is still finding its feet when it comes to celebrating and encouraging inclusivity, although well-ahead of other Western cultures such as the USA, however celebrations of gender such as this further push for better education and awareness around the subject, is a great start.

With a whole season of programmes devoted to the subject of gender, Channel 4’s ‘Genderquake’ looks to explore various issues which focus around gender and features a host of inspirational individuals including social activist and model Munroe Bergdorf, ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca and spoken word artist Ash Palmisciano.

The advert utilises a mixture of historic footage, which features the ‘traditional’ and more-than-slightly archaic outlook on the representation of men and women. Men being in charge of money, business and politics and the women taking care of the carpet, children and chicken, are all ideas which should be banished, with a more neutral and inclusive outlook on who can do what. The advert moves on to note how those born as females overcame challenges and adopted roles previously reserved for the men and vice versa. Moving on the narration progresses into the topic of transgender and gender fluidity and offers the final thought of “should any of us be defined by our genders, to begin with?”, the succinct advert was designed to promote the season of Genderquake, which begins in May.

Channel 4: Two Tribes

The Cybersmile Foundation: #TrollingIsUgly

Lead by social media influencer and activist for body confidence, Chessie King, the campaign aimed to increase the awareness around the repercussions of digital abuse and the ongoing effect this has on young people, primarily on social media. The video tracks Chessie’s social media activity, whereby she alters her next image in line with each toxic comment received.

The end result is a barely-human-looking woman, far from Chessie’s original appearance, just to demonstrate how distorted online trolls and their toxic opinions can be. The final result was an amalgamation of the insta-haters comments and demonstrated how dangerous and damaging social media bullying can be.

The photo edits included; waist reduction, leg and arm slimming, eyebrow removal, nose resizing, lip enhancements and a boob job – all in line with the critique so brazenly posted by trolls online. The Instagram story received praise from followers and viewers, expressing their appreciation for her addressing the issue and anger at the comments she had been receiving.

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