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From Chocolate Mayonnaise to Jameson’s out-of-this-world whiskey… were you fooled?


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It’s that time of the year again, April fools day was upon us giving brands across the world the opportunity to unleash their ‘almost believable’ campaigns onto the unsuspecting public. Every year we see some ridiculously well thought out April Fools Day campaigns from some of our best-loved household brands, so here’s our roundup of the ones that caught our eye this year…some believable and some downright ridiculous.

Lego’s VacuSort – A revolutionary Brick Sorting Vacuum

Lego provided us with a great prank this year, an incredible vacuum system capable of sorting bricks by not only type but colour too. With a more than convincing social post displaying the Dyson-esc vacuum, fans of the legendary brick building toy were left in disbelief at the possibility of such a device. Not only did lego provide a convincing graphic that matched most of their other marketing collateral, but they left little detail behind the post apart from *Adds to wishlist* leaving fans to speculate the unbelievable until they checked the date. In our eyes this was an April Fools win from a brand that’s hard to hate unless you were one of those children who managed to get Lego stuck up their nose or a parent who’s daily baine is standing on said bricks left lying around by the youngest members of the family.

Heinz Chocolate Mayonnaise – Scrumptious Perfection

‘It’s hard to improve on perfection…but I think we have done it’. As someone who has a serious hatred of mayonnaise (apart from Garlic Mayo obvs) and a love of chocolate, this appeared as a nightmare, a joke gone wrong. Alas, many gullible consumers believed the Heinz April Fools product to be a recipe of their dreams come true. Once again convincing packaging, videos and PR were created for the launch of their ‘Seriously Good Chocolate Mayonnaise’ and people fell for it by the thousands. Heinz provided an insightful backstory, reporting they noticed trends in the use of mayonnaise during baking, plus with a selection of baking recipes on their website featuring the all-important ingredient and the launch coinciding with Easter, it’s easy to see how this was one of the more believable pranks of the year.

The Hoth – Cats have transformed the SEO game

Cats are great, they provide hours of entertainment in the form of online videos, they make great pets and have even been proven to improve SEO rankings and search traffic…that’s right, cats are the future of SEO. The Hoth brought a rather convincing read to the screens of many this year with a highly detailed and insightful blog piece on how placing pictures of cats on websites, webmasters are experiencing massive jumps in rankings and search traffic. With a selection of believable graphs, stats and case study examples, The Hoth managed to trick most of its readers with this witty piece right until the very end wishing everyone a ‘Happy April Fools’. To appreciate the full effect of this prank you need to head on over to the blog piece and start reading through the comments…some people reacted with pure confusion, almost considering the idea of adding cats into their product photos but most appreciated the gag replying with nothing but positivity and love.

Argos Eau de Catalogue – A USB powered, catalogue smelling perfume

Finally, we move onto one of the more ridiculous pranks of this years April Fools roundup (the SEO cats were believable right?), a USB powered, Argos catalogue smelling perfume… We have seen brands launch strange smelling perfumes before, with the likes of Burger King’s Whopper scented perfume and WD40’s 2010 Pour Homme Aftershave. However, it appears Argos briefly jumped on the bandwagon with a scent released powered by the wondrous power of USB. With little marketing and backup compared to some of the other pranks we’ve looked at, Argos’s Eau de Catalogue may look a little feeble compared to a Lego sorting Vacuum, however it was nice to see the comical value of April Fools Day spreading between completely different brands, especially when people fall for them hook, line and sinker…

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