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All Men Must Dine


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There is currently an abundance of ‘Game of Thrones’ related food recommendations scattered across the internet, like the numerosity of severed heads that litter Westeros. Despite this, many guides offer a vanilla outlook on what should be a feast fit for a king, so with that, we offer you the All Men Must Dine dining guide, so you can behave like a true King, or Queen, in the North.

With the season 7 premiere taking about as long as winter to arrive, it’s about time to start planning a pre-viewing banquet. It’s probably best that at this point you choose the house you most associate with. Southerners and Northerners have discerning tastes, which vary from opulent and palatial, to rugged and moribund, respectively.

House Stark

True Northerners have a serious devotion to pie, it’s driven by the gravy in their blood, with the same likely true for those residing in the Northern realms of Westeros. Luckily, Leeds is host a number of traditional pubs, specialising in local ales and homemade pie.

Duck down a sheltered alley into the warm embrace of Whitelocks, one of the oldest ale houses in Leeds, to experience a truly authentic Northern experience. Their best-selling home-made beef and ale pie is truly a sight and taste to behold, never to be beaten. Chase with a pint of real ale or craft beer and for a seriously authentic feel, visit in winter to sample a flagon in front of a real log fire.

Wildlings should be tempted to venture a little further out of the city, to The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton, for a slightly more remote experience. For a pie roulette experience, order ‘Pie of the Day’, a signature dish not specified on the permanent menu that is amended daily. Accompany with a pint of award winning cask ale and find a sheltered corner away from the bitter Northern gales to enjoy.

House Lannister

Lannisters have expensive preferences when it comes to dining cuisine. A taste for brightly coloured fruit, fragrant meats and tender fish, reminiscent of a mediterranean diet, with heavy influences from across the Narrow Sea, in Dorne.

Tapas is the ideal way to dine like royalty. What screams Lannister more than six, seven or even eight individual dishes, all for you to pick your way through, alongside several carafes of wine. Leeds plays host to a number of exceptional tapas restaurants that offer a dining selection fit for a king, although preferably not like Joffrey’s final feast.

Ambiente, tucked away on the Calls, are well-known for their exceptional variety of tapas. From root vegetables and charred artichoke hearts marinated in mint and chilli to blue-cheese stuffed dates and anchovy fillets. Ambiente offers a lavish experience of traditional tapas with a gourmet twist.

Iberica is likely to be adored by even the most discerning diner, presenting the prime venue to seriously drink and dine like Tyrion. Outfitted with its very own wine bar, La Bodega, the wine offering is unparalleled by rivals, featuring over 70 specially sourced Spanish wines. The luxurious setting, situated in listed antique Hepper House, provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy a reception of the harmonious flavours of paella, charcuterie cuts of meat and artisan cheeses.

House Targaryen

Our House Targaryen recommendations feature heavy influences from the Dothraki, with plenty of meat is on the menu, however, it’s advisable to steer clear of horse jerky and instead opting for a BBQ cookout theme, with ribs and tangy chicken wings.

Luckily, Leeds is host to one of the best providers of baby back ribs that you my ever experience. Stampede, previously known as Cattle Grid, is a firm favourite with locals and is heralded as one of the prime spots to indulge in a full rack of ribs. Slathered in an unbeatable sauce and grilled to perfection, Stampede ribs are unmatched elsewhere. For a serious feast, turn up on a Monday to take on all-you-can-eat pig and chicken, featuring unlimited racks of ribs accompanied with chicken wings.

For more choice than a butcher’s window display, head up to Smoke BBQ located to the top of Leeds city center. Burnt ends, pulled pork, hot link sausage, brisket, BBQ turkey leg, ribs and steaks – there’s plenty to keep your fires stoked here. Wash all that lot down with an actual bucket of beer and you’ll likely be dancing like a Dothraki at a wedding in no time.

House Greyjoy

With a kraken as the family crest and a motto like ‘We do not sow’, it’s highly likely that the House Greyjoy favour a seafood diet. Cast out on the isolated and weather beaten iron islands, it could be forgiven to assume that the Greyjoys would enjoy a decent North Sea catch, besides a roaring fire.

Town Hall Tavern, located on the Headrow, permanently serve up a masterful selection of pub food, that includes the likes of pan fried sea bass tossed with gnocchi, crab fritter and mussels, for an authentic British seafood experience, with a twist. If your tastes sway towards a more traditional Yorkshire dish then THT also delivers an exceptional battered North Sea haddock or panko breaded scampi, washed down with a cask ale or whisky to seal the deal.

During these uncertain weather conditions, with flash downpours one moment and blistering heat the next, the Adelphi may just be your port in the storm. Whilst you’re there you may as well grab a pint and bite, and with the Adelphi’s classic Yorkshire menu, there’s plenty on offer to warm your cockles.

Pan fried king prawns and chorizo, on a toasted sourdough slice, offer a local twist on a Spanish inspired dish, injecting a symphony of flavour to your rosta of seafood favourites. Firm favourite fish and chips makes another appearance, in the form of ale-battered cod served with triple-cooked chips and mushy peas. Located just off the canal, the Adelphi is the ideal place to moor your boat and call in for dishes not to be sniffed at, ironborn or not.

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