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Google sheets can be used for Art!

Hands up if you hate spreadsheets? Okay, I see a lot of hands there, now, hands up if you use Google Sheets a lot? Okay, still lots of hands…well, then, we just might have found you a better use for those endless sheets than your data…

Google and Refinery29 have teamed up to push those dreaded (but useful) sheets to the limit, asking two artists to get together virtually using Google Hangouts and create something unique using only the power of the sheet! (Yes, they’re still trying to get us to use Google Hangouts!)

Marina Esmeraldo of Barcelona, and Mallory Heyer in New York have not disappointed and have shared this hugely colourful, vast mosaic piece. The finished product can be seen in Brooklyn at Colossal Media as a 13’ by 34’ mural. We love this here at LITTLE and it’s definitely given us some creative inspiration!

google sheets art

Definitely way more fun than a normal spreadsheet, right? #madewithgooglesheets

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