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Iconic creatives get the emoji treatment…

With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, it’s no wonder that people are enjoying Pokemon Go! and searching for a bit of escapism, right? Every little bit of fun helps! So when we came across these fine art emojis via social media, well, we just had to share to make you smile!

Fine art emoji

Fine art emoji

Cantor Fine Gallery in LA has produced a series of emoji characters based on our favourite artists and creatives via their Instagram account. The cast features some of the most iconic figures in the creative industry over the past century – from Van Gogh to Yayoi Yasuma, Lichenstein to Frida Khalo…all the greats are here!

We’re particular fans of the Duchamp toilet seat and Banksy’s balloon girl translated into pixelated emoji form, we’re transfixed! Who will be next? Follow their account here and stay up to date with the latest and keep smiling!


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