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Why you should use direct mail to target empty nesters

We’re all so focused on digital marketing nowadays, that sometimes we forget that the oldies are still good. Traditional direct mail is having a bit of comeback with many of our B2B clients using creative direct mail pieces to get their potential message across – from balloon deliveries to creative brochures with card inserts. However in the B2C market, it’s proving particularly successful in the ‘empty nesters’ segment of 55-64-year-olds.

A recent survey by Royal Mail discovered that they spend 18 minutes a day reading mail, and 26% of them say they have responded to an item of mail in the 12 months. They are generally comfortable in life, having raised their kids – it’s their time now. In fact, 75% agree they can ‘afford to splash out on luxury goods sometimes’.

So, might it suit your marketing plan to target this age group with a direct mail piece? Here’re a few tips to get you started:

Be personal

Most mail is opened out of habit rather than excitement, however, research shows that empty nesters tend to decide immediately if they will respond to a piece of mail they have opened. They are also more likely than people at other life stages to leave mail around the house to read again and to keep it, especially if it is timely and relevant. The advice for marketers is to ensure mail is personally addressed, respectful and is not condescending: inspire them!

They want quality and reassurance

Brochures are an effective way to counter negative perceptions and allow people to find out more information in their own time, with a great quality printed brochure that potentially will be left around the home – the empty nesters have time to ‘warm up’ to your brand. Also, by offering a phone number, rather than just a website – you can also reassure them that your offer isn’t fishy, and make it easy to book.

Communicate value

This group can dislike shopping but they do believe they are very good at managing money, either for their retirement or their everyday life. Challenger brands can exploit this using direct mail. If you’re competing with big businesses, offer a great value alternative and real value to entice this group.

Does your business target empty nesters? Or perhaps you’re considering a new campaign aimed at this segment? Drop us a line and see how we can help you design a direct mail piece that has a real impact.

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