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Ministry of Sound goes for a minimal rebrand

It seems to be the year and current trend for some of the most well recognised brands to be cutting back and giving their brands an either much anticipated or much hated re-design. We’ve seen it with Instagram, The Premier League and more recently British Steel.

But our attention today turns to The Ministry of Sound and how London based agency Spin have literally spun the classic MOS crest into a more modern day, minimalistic brand identity. It comes as part of the brand celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year which will see the new identity rolled out across their website, printed material, motion graphics, signage, environmental graphics and stationary.


Keeping some of the brands heritage but “simultaneously embracing the future” is where Spin have created something rather special. You can clearly see the brands past elements converted into new and exciting angular shapes which may not be as recognisable as the original ‘House of Commons’ crest twist design but people will grow to love it. Just like Instagram which had more negative than positive feedback, but now a few weeks later people have accepted it, moved on and continue to use the app as before.

Ministry of Sound rebrand

It seems that along with bringing the MOS brand into the 21st century, a whole lot of thought has been put into the brands future development. With the nature of digital design now relying on everything being responsive, with logos being viewed at all different sizes on different devices, brands are finally utilizing the technology within our hands, allowing their identity’s to live on beyond brand names and relying on recognition of smaller icons and marks.

Ministry of Sound rebrand

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